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Maintaining a 5 star rating

If you have consistent 5 star ratings and you fall to 4 stars…is there a way to get back to 5stars?
I have been on this platform for 5months so far. I’m a level 2 seller and I’ve consistently had perfect ratings and stats until someone rated me at 4.3 recently which made my heart skip lol (because I went above and beyond, sent them a draft which they approved and said they loved. So it was to my surprise that I did not get the full ratings I expected.
In the review he said “great voice artist!”
I asked what would have made the service better. He said he loved it but some ppl he knew said they didnt like it. This made me sad because it showed that he was not rating me fully on how he felt but on how others did. I pushed to deliver early and gave him exactly what he wanted and now because of this one review I will now go into the 4 star category. And with fiverr being so strict with ratings this can potentially make you demoted if it goes below 4.7 I believe. Is there a way to make it back to 5stars? I asked him if he could rate me based on how he actually feels (considering He loved the work and had no issues with it) but he ignored me and said he hopes I will be ready for him when he comes back to me for another ad. (I am not encouraged to do something else for him. Am I over-reacting? I just don’t want to risk him rating me based on how other ppl feel and not exactly how he feels. And I dont want my overall ranking as Seller to become affected if he continues to rate like this way.
Anyway, overall I have 59 five stars and one 4.3 can anyone tell me what it will take for me to go back to 5 stars if possible? How are ratings calculated?

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The only way to increase your rating is to receive further feedback that’s greater than 4.3.

For example, another couple of 5 star reviews and your average will likely climb to 4.8, then 4.9 after a few more 5 star reviews… then 5. Job done!

You’ve got 60 nearly all 5 star reviews, so this one incident isn’t going to affect how most buyers view you. And if you look at in percentage terms, that 4.3 rating represents 86% positive feedback - not bad at all.

Most buyers, if they’re happy with a service, will leave a 5 star review. In my experience only a very small handful of buyers put some actual thought into their review and mark you down in one particular area - for example communication.

You’ll easily recover from this minor incident. Go forward and be amazing!


Your all time stats will keep showing 5 stars (unless you get enough lower rated ones).

With the new 4.3 rating:
((59 * 5)+(1 * 4.3))/60=4.9883… which, rounded to 1 decimal place is 5, which is what shows on your profile.

Though the analytics page and evaluation only take the last 60 days worth of ratings into account.

Also it’s safest not to ask or pressure a buyer about a rating and don’t ask them to change a rating as you could get a warning (and it can’t be done anyway normally unless the rating is against the TOS).


Thank you English_voice!