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Maintenance Activity


Hi there,
Does anyone know, What’s included in the Fiverr Maintenance Activity and why maintenance is necessary?



Why maintenance is necessary? This is like asking why it’s necessary to clean your home or computer lol :smiley:

So, maintenance is necessary for the same reasons: to keep everything tidy, organized and clean. If you clean your home or your computer on a regular basis, then you surely understand why Fiverr needs to do the same :slight_smile:

In Fiverr’s case, it may include checking the database for errors, fixing broken hardware, checking hardware with failure potential, checking cables, maybe even dusting components, etc.


##Your reply is awesome.Much appreciated.
It was conceptual, with entertainment and is knowledgeable. Thanks for sharing. I can understand now, it’s a complicated process and there will be a lot of people involved in this activity. Some type of engineers with high salaries and sure their salaries comes from fiverr 20%tax. :older_man: