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Major bug regarding cancellation in order page

I found a bug in the order page. Cancellation requests issued by me (Srikaanth) are shown as cancellation requests issued by the buyer. Please see the attached screenshot. Also read the cancellation message, It clearly shows that I wrote the message, not the buyer. HELP

Another seller @presseditor also experienced the exact bug 23 days ago. I have also contacted customer support but no reply. The fact that a reputed site like Fiverr hasn’t fixed such major issues boggles my mind.

Update: I just used the Fiverr app and everything is alright over there. I think the bug is present only in the site.

Hi there,

Personally I wouldn’t call this a major bug, it’s just a display error (i.e. how the actual function works isn’t affected).

I recommend forwarding the issue to Fiverr customer support, along with screenshots.