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Major login issue!

Hi all,

I had an email from fiverr regarding a gig being suspended; I need to remove a certain word that triggered this action.

I tried to login from my phone but forgot my password (pw manager on laptop) so I reset it. It wouldn’t let me login, so I went to my laptop and tried to login. Every time I login, it comes up with a Whoops error page.

If I clear all cookies and cache, I can view the fiverr site again and try to login. If I try again (with the correct password) it just does the same thing. Even the support ticket section of the site comes up with the same error.

Can anybody at fiverr look into this?


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Its possible that you have been banned. I recommend contacting Fiverr support, they will help you in a jippy :slight_smile:

We are just buyers and sellers on the forum.

Here is the email address: