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Major Record Labels The Honest Truth

OK this isn’t so much of a rant but more of a reality check to all those seeking out to get signed by a “major record label”. Almost every day in the Buyers Request market I see ppl asking for contacts or how to get signed, look I’m all for living the dream but the Gods honest truth is, you will NEVER get signed by a major record label via Fiverr, I’d be surprised if 3/4 of the studio execs even know Fiverr exists, let alone scout for talent on it? Pretty much all the gigs you see advertised on here stating they have contacts in the industry or promise to send your demo to all the major record labels are lying to you, all they do is what you would, send it via email to them (if they even do this) and hope for the best and have a look at all the gigs that promise this, most of them have negative reviews and a plethora of cancelled orders!

I know it may seem harsh but you really should save your pennies and concentrate on making the best music you can and learn more so how to market yourself via social media platforms, I mean if you’re music is great and you use something like YouTube to it’s fullest extent then you never know, that dream may come true, just don’t get fooled by the scammers on here, they make a bunch of promises and will always fail to deliver! :slight_smile:

All I see in buyer request is spam or people asking for high standard beats or music for 5$.
I’m in the music niche too and I can’t believe how many cheep buyers are trying to get a beat or music for just one gig.

One of my favorites:

BUYER: “Can we do one track so I can see how it sounds?”

ME: “Sure we can do a track. Just follow the gig instructions and send over the files for the song.”

THEN: Sound of crickets chirping.

I have samples available for that very reason, so please don’t attempt to get me to work for free.

I just got asked if I’d do a 90-Day Net payment plan.

Even outside of Fiverr it’s 50% up front and balance upon completion.

As to my original post, I even had an indie label try this a couple of weeks ago. A known indie
label at that.

Reply to @solow13: Yeah it’s pretty comical, also the ones that want “professional mixing and mastering” done for $5 yet they send you just an .mp3 or .wav file and not the original template with stems, individual instruments, etc. I tell them the best I can do is master it for CD with some filters and EQ settings, I mean unless I have the original template and the DAW they created it on, I can’t really do it now can I? I’m good but I’m not a freakin magician! :stuck_out_tongue:

Reply to @reformata_av: I hate this but it happens!

Reply to @reformata_av: HA HA HA HA I experienced that just the other day, seriously what can you do but laugh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Reply to @solow13: How did you get the audio sample loaded into that media player on your page? I’ve seen that on mine but see no way to upload it when I go to edit a gig?

Very good work by the way.