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Major Tip for Buyers When the Order Starts - A Successful Order Starts With Sending A Message!

One of the biggest obstacles in business is communication or a lack of communication. So, after you order, send a message immediately asking for the seller to “Please confirm that you received my order”.

If the seller communicates quickly, that’s a good sign. If you have to wait a day or two, you purchased from the wrong seller!

It is only customary in business to confirm information, much like any website you sign-up for wants you to confirm an e-mail. Well, it’s the same when you place an order and honestly sellers should be doing this but they don’t. Why? Well, because most on fiverr don’t have any business experience or ethics on how to conduct themselves in a business transaction.

So, then, you as the buyer get upset because you sent funds but no response. Your anger is justified, but there is no real way to prompt someone to respond quickly. Although, fiverr has tried by implementing a messaging policy of 24 hours.

Although I’m a seller, I also purchase a lot as well. Recently, I sent out messages to five people about a digital product I want to buy. 2 replied within two days, 1 replied after 7 days and two others didn’t reply at all.

So, in general, many sellers are simply not educated in business ethics, so you as the buyer have to take the initiative. Or find someone who has the ability to communicate, which is like a needle I a hay stack!

Anyhow, it’s idea for you to send off a message right after you place the order so you can get a reply as soon as possible and hope that you made the right choice.

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Even though I think this part is true UP to a point, offering tips with embedded insults to almost the entire seller community is rude. The part about not having any business experience is one thing, but the implication that most sellers don’t have personal ethics isn’t necessary as a part of your tips. Just my opinion, nothing more.

edume said: most on fiverr don't have any business experience or ethics on how to conduct themselves in a business transaction.

I always ask buyers to contact me first. I agree up to a point. I really think that the message should be sent not after, but before the order was made. It’s bad when buyers treat seller as vending machine where they can throw 5 dollars and get anything they want.
I always reply immidiately, but some buyers respond after 2-7 days, even a month sometimes.
Excuse me for mistakes if present

When a buyer sends message to the seller,he/she will be able to know if the seller can perform the task before him or not,that will give a good indication to the buyer to buy the gig or not.

I have to say, I do not agree with your point. If I place an order on Amazon, and I get a confirmation email, I’m not expecting to get a unique and individual message from the particular store confirming my order. I’d rather they spent that time actually shipping my order. Fiverr has put a wonderful system in place whereby Buyers receive automatic acknowledgement of orders, and it starts a countdown for the Seller. In my experience that is (and should be) an acceptable receipt of an order. I know that my clients would rather I deliver early, than spend an hour or two a day creating a slew of unnecessary messages. My clients are on a deadline and I would prefer to get them what they need quickly and efficiently by using the systems that have been put in place.

This is how every other online ordering system works.

edume said: Unfortunately, due to the lack of professionalism on fiverr and a faulty system, a confirmation message may mean nothing to anyone. It's only a form of notification and doesn't mean it's from the seller.

I have the perfect solution to all of this. @edume should write an ebook about the “lack of ethics and professionalism” on the part of Fiverr sellers, and then offer it for sale on Amazon, from where freelancers from every imaginable site can buy it to be educated by a master of misinformation, prejudice, and trash-talking. Perhaps he could also include a chapter on how to use your status as a TRS as a license to belittle, besmirch, and insult people who do not follow his way of thinking.

Of course, there will be the angry bunch of sellers opposed to what has been stated. By the way, we never insinuated that everyone was included, just many, which is true.

We’ve been in business more than 27 years, MBA in business, gone through a lot and express what is true directly. Good sellers should not take offence to what has been said in this post.

No, no, no, no, no, no!

Don’t send me messages! Don’t ask me if I’m available! Just place an order and provide instructions! How hard is that?

Here’s an idea, Sellers have GIG DESCRIPTIONS, if they want you to message them before you order, THEY WILL TELL YOU.

Also, once you place an order, all communications should be within the order. I like everything in the right place.

Well I prefer ppl send me msgs, as a lot of my clients are in different time zones from all around the globe, so a msg first gives me fair notice and time to see if I can actually do the gig, plus it’s better for you if you do it first or part of it and send them a sample to see if they like your work, usually with a watermark or lower quality and then if they like what they see, they can then order the gig and then you can either send it straight away or finish it a lot quicker and get better stats all around, makes sense to me, so far so good! :slight_smile:

I agree with Edume. I think he is saying something important that needs to be said, albeit in a slightly untactful way.

Simply put, it is basic professionalism to immediately send a personal greeting and message as soon as you receive an order.

It goes without saying that on a site like this there will be a fair number of less than professional sellers.

I keep this very simple. As soon as I receive an order, I have a “quick response” saved that I send off. It says “Thanks for your order! I’ll have it completed within the ___ day deadline. Lisa”

It’s super fast and easy for me to do this, and I know it reassures my buyers that I have received their order and will be working on it soon. Professional communication doesn’t have to be complicated or even time-consuming. It takes just a few seconds.

Maybe it’s because I, like @writerlisaz, always send a quick response as soon after a buyer places an order as I can (a girl’s gotta sleep, at least a little), but I find it kind of annoying when a buyer tells me to confirm that I’ve gotten their order. If they asked if I’ve gotten their order, that’s something different, but I would always prefer that a buyer treated me like I was a competent businesswoman, instead of trying to hold my hand through an order like I’m a scammer. When I buy something on Amazon or on Etsy, I don’t immediately email the seller telling me to confirm the order. I wait for the confirmation to come, and if it doesn’t, after a reasonable amount of time, considering time zones, that’s when I send an inquiry.


Some may have interpreted the article in a different way and that’s ok. But, we do not mean any harm to those who may have been upset with what was stated. We share our experience on fiverr and what has been stated does not mean everyone is like that. Yes, there are many bad cookies on this platform that should be removed, we are not one of them.

Our services that we provide on fiverr and to non fiverr buyers are respected by thousands around the world. We enjoy helping business on fiverr because we also know that it’s an uphill battle to get things right the first.

We’ve gone through massive changes over time. The presenter, Andy, has lived and been on television in 5 different countries over the past two decades and now resides in the US. He is a wealth of knowledge to international business and recently, even fiverr marketing gave him a call.

I hope this clarifies our position here on the forum and our qualifications related to our experiences that we have gone through. Good luck.

Why to disturb the buyer with a message just to inform him that you started the job, while you just can deliver the job?

Nice tips. Only those people can win the game always who do care of time.

I am only a seller and i totally agree with @edume
You have given the proof of being a true gentleman
I wish to add that many of the things you said apply equally to the buyers as well.
There are a lot of unethical or unprofessional people out there.

I have had orders where, despite my polite self-initiated messages to the buyers, they did not even bother to reply. I feel this is rude. Business and Ethics / Etiquettes should go hand in hand. We are human beings not auto-teller machines where you just pop in a card, take your money out and go.

@edume - I think you can pull back on the “27 years in business” mantra for a while. It’s getting a little old.

It’s better to be educated in the business process. Believe less than five years from now everyone will need it.

@edume , i dont know how you are as a seller, but from what you wrote, your just the type of buyer i will simply refuse to serve. Thats more than enough said from my perspective…