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Majority of gigs titled "do logo"?

After doing a quick search under “logo”, I noticed that almost all of them say the same things: either “I will do logo” or “I will logo design”. However, both titles are under the minimum characters allowed, which is 15. “do logo” is only 7.

So my questions is first why are they all saying “I will do logo” or “I will logo design” which are both bad grammar, and second how do they have those titles anyway? Is it some sort of glitch, or does everyone like to use bad grammar and follow each other and am I the only one who has to use over 15 characters?

They may have used spaces as characters, if that’s possible… for example : " do logo" 7 characters "do logo " 15 characters…

I just checked and it works…

And I just noticed when I searched for :“business card” the first 9 results were titled “I will do business cards”. and gigs with really good title were pushed to the rear… This is black hat…

Fiver need to rethink their SERP…

Reply to @omniversal: No problem, cheers!

Reply to @omniversal: I think as long as buyers can read “Logo” and “$5” they will continue to order. In fact, looking/being unprofessional here can actually boost sales. A lot of buyers just want quick and cheap, they don’t want to be bogged down with details.


Yeah, they really do…

A lot of those gigs have almost unreadable descriptions too… I can’t seem to understand how they have gotten so many orders.


I think you missed my meaning… Fiverr doesn’t /allow/ you to use less than 15 characters in the title. At least not for me, anyway.

My guess and I’m just guessing, is it has to do with SEO. I won’t get into the details but if the primary keyword (search term) for a Logo gig is “Logo” or “Logo Design” and Fiverr’s algorithm for keyword density is 50% for gig titles, I would probably tailor my title for that density.

DEFINITION – Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears compared to the total number of words.

In some cases grammar may suffer slightly but it shouldn’t suffer to the point it loses all meaning.

I’ll take a top ten ranking for my primary keyword over slight grammar mistakes any day of the week.

NOTE: I think TRS is a whole different category when it comes to ranking criteria.

I had a feeling it was something along those lines at first, although it doesn’t explain the less than minimum required characters.

Honestly though I don’t see how it would help much when 90% of the existing ones use that same name. It’s pretty much just confusing.

It does explain why they use less characters.

I will do Logo Design for $5 – Lets say that is my title with the keyword density about 50% – if I add more words my keyword density will drop below 50% and I will be ranked lower.

NOTE: I’m using 50% as part of Fiverr algorithm but of course no one knows for sure what Fiverr’s ranking criteria is. But you can get a clue by looking at the sites that are ranked high for your keywoard and with some counting and a little math, you can figure out what their keyword density is.

Reply to @omniversal: I got your point, And i have almost the same question =)

I’m still confused. When you’re brief you get lots of view but when you’re specific about what you will do for the price, not many take interest. Wonder if they have any plans of modifying the algorithm?

You can write “do logo”, and then just press space 8 times. With this method you should be able to bypass any minimum character limits here on Fiverr. And then there is always the blank space method with “ALT+0160” (don’t know about mac).


I see… well that makes much more sense, thanks!