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Majority of people saying they are from US are liars


Trying to purchase anything is a nightmare on here, I have had 1 good purchase but thats it. everything else had to be refunded due to lack of communication or just failure to deliver what they promised. People say they are from the US but write in complete gibberish. I would love to spend repeat money with someone but that seems almost impossible


Some are not liars…Fiverr asks you to post where you live. Many people actually do live in the US but are foreign students/individuals from other countries, so they musts post US.

And even native US English raised speakers and writers, can have horrible communication and writing skills.

No matter where you are ordering from, it is always best to message a seller first, and then you can get an idea of how well their communication is.


@tonyaprile Hi, I’d like to know what kind of services you are looking for. I am a writer. I understand your frustration. Bear in mind, $5 is the entry price here. If you want quality, you may get lucky at $5; but your quality writers start around $10 for 500 words. Plus, if you use your tabs in the category, between Recommended, High Rating, and New, you should be able to find someone who has the number of good reviews and the overall rating to tell you from the start if they are any good. When you have found a few like that, then send them a message. Be brief. I know I don’t like to see a 500 word explanation for what a buyer needs in a 500 word assignment. Don’t come off as someone who is going to be smarter than the writer, difficult to work with, or hard to please. Just say what you need.

So, I suggest you search your category, then select the High Rating tab, and scroll down halfway through the page. Click into a few, see how many orders they have in queue, what their rating is, and some reviews. I wouldn’t go with anyone below a 98% rating, and fewer than 50 reviews. That’s just my advice. Good luck.


the fee doesn’t effect me if its going to be good.

I am always in the market for Content for a blog.

I am currently looking into youtube Intros. The first purchase was going well until one thing needed to be changed and they stopped responding. this second person is trying to upsell me before even delivering the first product as well as now insulting me.


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Regarding lying about location:

There’s a lot of money to be made by conning people. Some people only need a couple of gigs each day to survive. They’ll do what they can to get them.

I think two things are helpful: first, message the seller as least twice. Here, you’re looking for speed of reply and quality of communication. Second, keep in mind the average US wage. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Not many in the West get too excited about working for an hour for $3.94 after Fiverr and PayPal have taken their cut.

You can’t avoid crappy sellers, but after a while you learn how to improve your odds.


Reply to @sara1984: There are plenty in the US that are either unemployed, underemployed, or fully-employed but need extra money. Besides, I wait until a significant amount is reach to withdraw my revenues. Withdrawing $4 is a waste of time and money.

tonyaprile said: People say they are from the US but write in complete gibberish

A lot of people are from the U.S.A. This country has 318 million people, most of my clients are from the U.S. as well, even if my global domination is 52%.

Besides, very few people can fake an American accent, so maybe you should try to watch the videos sellers make of themselves.

I'm surprised you've had bad experiences, have you hired Top Rated Sellers? Level 2's and 1's with reviews? Have you paid extra for early delivery?


Absolutely right sir. :slight_smile:

They don’t want to be honest to anyone or even to be honest to themselves. They only want to earn more money by cheating to others. If they don’t like to tell their countries, why they are still living on those countries? Go to hell those frogs.

Be honest to yourself and to you mother nation!

Thanks about this post. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, just because English is your first language, it doesn’t mean that you can either speak it or write it well.

Look at the reviews posted on a buyer’s profile before you buy; another good indicator of what you can expect is the seller’s profile description, have a good read of this.

A good writer will be able to adjust their dictionary to either UK or US English, just specify in your order which dictionary you require.


@tonyaprile if you were looking for graphic design services, You can give me a try i am designing flyers, business cards, logos, tri folds, bi folds, table tents etc.


you’re right in a way but remember there lots of non native Americans on fiverr


I would love to share what I just dealt with. This guy was obviously a teenager he proceeded to ask for more money right away without delivering anything then started to insult me. Turns out he has 3-4 other accounts selling the same things. Gotta love it. @abidagfx I will keep you in mind


The U.S. is called the melting pot for a reason. You get the good, the bad and the ugly.


HOw much are you trying to pay for your blog content? That may be the other factor. The good sellers, that deliver well-written content charge accordingly. If you are trying to pay $5 for original and stellar content, that may be part of the issue in and of itself.


Reply to @sincere18: Eh, I dunno. Unless the OP is trying to get 2000 words for $5, he shouldn’t have that much trouble finding someone who writes a reasonable amount of coherent English content for $5.

If he’s had that much trouble finding someone however, you’re right, it might be because he’s trying to get a huge number of words for very little money…and I’d figure there’d be a much smaller number of great writers offering high word counts than there are horrible writers offering high word counts.


Reply to @tonyaprile: If you have evidence of other users having multiple accounts, please report it to Customer Support (Submit a Request is at the top right of the page) as this is against Terms of Service.


Reply to @emasonwrites:

This wasn’t for blog content, this was for a youtube intro.


Reply to @kjblynx:

NO whats proof is when I find his 3-4 other accounts one listing he is from Egypt. I can guarentee this guy was not from the US especially when he posts

"Whats $10 you from usa its nothing."


Reply to @tonyaprile: oh, ok, it was just guess as your profile says that is what you are looking for.

Script writing may be a whole different skill in and of itself.