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Make a attractive gig!

Hi there,

Today I am telling you how to make an attractive gig and get order fast

  1. Make the primary photo as Eyecatching.
  2. Give a short and smart title.
  3. Give pricing in the effort.
  4. Use an Attractive and smart search tag.
  5. Give a short and smart description which useful in your work.
  6. Attach pdf file about your work.
  7. You will give a video about your work.

I think you will get the order fast.


I don’t want to sound harsh, but why are you without order then if you can get order fast with your tips?


Amazing generic, non-actionable list of things that have been posted over and over again.

Kudos to you for taking the time to copy and paste the same things so we won’t forget!


I think being harsh and blunt is the only way to stop this new wave of wannabe helpful tipsters.