[Make a Deal] Collect my 1 gig and and i will Collect one of your gig


Kindly collect this gig :


And post url of your gig below.

Thanks a lot.

(Time don’t matter when i am posting this, i will keep an eye here and collect your gig.)



Collected. :smiley:

Here are my gigs. Pick the ones you like. http://fiverr.com/drawforever



Collected Now Your Turn


Reply to @drawforever: Thanks a lot drawforever. Collected your ‘dragon headshot’ gig.


Reply to @arnevb: Thanks arnevb. Collected your gig.


Reply to @retweet_twitt3r: Just Collected your gig. Thanks retweeter and nice gig.


i just collected it! :"3

here is mine! Thanks <3 this was a great idea!!



I collect all of them. Here are mine:




Reply to @lazyblazey: Thanks, Collected


Reply to @rozerart: Collected your gig, Rozerart. Thanks


collected yours all done! mine r http://fiverr.com/noellezzz


Thanks Noellezzz. Collected your gig.


served and collected. Reciprocate to generate, procastinate? Don’t make me wait cuz I got Fiverr On it and I need to regulate!


I collected your gig. Please collect this too:


Thanks :slight_smile:


Collected your Gigs simosimo and finmackdaddy247. Thanks both of you.


Collected! Choose one of mine gigs http://fiverr.com/users/simosimo/manage_gigs


Reply to @jancolors: Collected your gig. Thanks a lot for trusting.


I collected your gig,please do the same




Reply to @sham19: Collected Sham. Thank you.