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Make a Gig stand out in Fiverr?

Surely you will be wondering, how to make my gifs more visible?
I do not get clients or it is not working as I would like,
I followed these steps!

1-Use flashy images.
2-Create a video that invites your customers to trust you and the quality of your service.
3-Upload examples of your work.
4-Upload your CV.
5-Details in a friendly and polite way the description of your concert.
7- Dont Stop trying new Things!


Maybe leave the advice to more senior sellers, or sellers who actually got results that prove their framework.


He’s posted several unsubstantiated, unjustifiable things and it’s achieving the opposite of what he’s intending.

I strongly suspect that sellers who post these things feel that if they appear smart here, people will order from them.


And I strongly suspect it never does, and they eventually leave Fiverr, dejected and disappointed. There are so many unrealistic expectations from newbie sellers here on the forums. If only they would look at their time here on Fiverr as the business it is, and not a free meal ticket that they want it to be.

The sellers who succeed here, do not sit around expecting wealth and riches. I do not know any seller – myself included – who has achieve success by sitting back, and waiting for it to happen. I, for one, have had long nights of planning and research, weeks of marketing, and endless hours of strategy, hard work, and client communication that have led me to where I am today. Heck… this is even what I’m doing RIGHT NOW (in between my comments here on the forum).


That’s all so key. And I agree. If you’re posting bad advice, people will think you’re unprofessional and lacking in skill.

Gimmicks are all the rage here for some reason. It’s really quite simple. You need to learn about business and you need to learn your market and you need to adapt your skills to it. There are no shortcuts around these things.


Hey there🤗,
I’m having the same issues. My gig hasn’t come up in the search options. I feel I may have done something wrong but I don’t know what. I’d appreciate any guidance I can get as I’m a new seller here. Thank you!