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Make Both Order Buttons Operate the Same Way on a Sellers Gig - Currently they don't!

To whom it may concern,

When you are on a sellers page you have an order button on the top right as well as an order button below the gig extras.

The top right order button, when you hover your mouse over it, you see the drop down gig quantity box appear as well as the option to checkbox gig extras.

The bottom order button only allows you to order and when your mouse is over it nothing happens! So buyers who miss the top button may not see a way to order gig multiples.

Can you please code the bottom order button so it works just like the top order button. This will increase conversions (I have a gig on conversion tutorials btw). Therefore this will result in increased revenue for Fiverr and provide more options for sellers and buyers.

Please offer me a featured spot on the home page now that the volume of your revenue will increase across your entire Fiverr network - Thanks from creativeman :smiley:

Has anyone else noticed this?

Have you sent a request to Fiverr?

Reply to @voiceoverwork: Thanks for reminder just done now