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Make "Contact Me" link into a more visible button :D

Hi there, I’m suggesting that the “Contact Me” link can be made more visible, a button perhaps? :smiley:

I love Fiverr, just want to say that this will help a lot of sellers AND Fiverr to reduce conflict or miscommunication or problematic orders :smiley:

A lot of sellers specified for buyers to contact them prior to ordering, but most new users on Fiverr site did not know that and just Order straightaway. This might result in a lot of cancellations or frustrated users, both buyer and seller.

Also will help Fiverr’s Customer Support staff to reduce a lot of tickets and issues to deal with.

omg! with the new layout that was just updated today, the contact button is there :D! yay

Is it just me that can see the new gig webpage layout? a friend of mine still see original webpage layout

Edit: :open_mouth: suddenly the gig webpage layout reverted back to original! i wonder if it was beta testing

Reply to @angiechong: I’ve actually not had too many issues with people contacting me, but I word my gigs in such a way that practically forces them to message me with questions so they absolutely have to find the “contact me” button whether it’s hard to find or not but in fairness I have been on and off on Fiverr for over 3+ years perfecting my main focus gigs. It’s worded in a broad enough way to attract buyers, but at the same time in a detailed enough manner that helps to weed out a lot of those questionable buyers expecting way too much for $5. You could always ask Fiverr CS to maybe make it a bit more noticeable and hope for the best! I personally would agree with you that it should be a bit bigger, but since Fiverr wants the easiest way to make profit, I wouldn’t be surprised if on their next big update they actually moved it to an even more obscure location and shrunk the size of it to even smaller. Maybe as a simple button rather than wording.

Reply to @freelancemm: :DD oo I learnt something from you. Thanks for the tip, knowledge for future~ :open_mouth: actually just hours ago I had a glimpse of the new fiverr gig webpage layout but now i checked again it reverted back to original.

In the new one there is a “Contact Seller” button :smiley: placement was very low in the page though, below reviews. I hope they’ll put it at side instead

It’s to help create impulse buys. How Fiverr makes most of their profit is on impulse buys. After the immediate sale, even if the buyer refunds the sale via through Fiverr, Fiverr still maintains that $1 they initially take out. The more challenging it is for the buyer to contact the seller before placing an order, the better chances of a bigger profit margin for fiverr. Do note though, that there is a contact me button on the right side of an individuals gig page.

Reply to @freelancemm: :smiley: I agree, it is a fuss-free platform for buyers. But I’m not asking for contacting sellers to be interfere the easy process fiverr is getting across; just suggesting it to be a little bit easier for buyers to notice the “contact me” link as it’s quite small at the moment.

I so agree with you. I suggest make it as big as the Buy now/Order Now button. So they will see that contacting seller is a must before to make a purchase. I’m sure fiverr is already working on this stuff & hoping to see it working in the future.

Reply to @freelancemm: I don’t know how Fiverr keeps that $1. If it’s a mutual cancellation, the full $5 go to buyer’s balance, they just can’t withdraw it. Not sure about force cancellation, though. But I think it’s the same otherwise we would hear a lot of complain from the buyers side.

Reply to @miacmht: :DD just checked TOS: "Fiverr will not refund payments made for canceled orders back to PayPal. Funds from order refunds are returned to the buyer’s balance and are available for future purchases on Fiverr.

Reply to @debbie_ph: fingers crossed! :smiley: right now it’s only a small word link below seller profile on gig page, I’ll be happy if changed to a noticeable button. Heheh, bigger size helps a lot too, but i think strategic placement of the button on a page layout will be more helpful even if it’s a small one :smiley:

Reply to @angiechong: I so agree with you :slight_smile: