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Make “Describe your offer” box comfortable

Even though I am a level one seller, I still have to send proposals to buyer’s request. Level system can’t make any difference for me. All the sale I got using buyer request section.

However, I have noticed one thing could be more comfortable for sellers if the “Describe your offer” box could be a little bigger. Whatever I write I can’t see more than 4 lines at a time. When I want to move one line up, the cursor goes up to the first line. Same happens when to move down. Sellers who submit proposal regularly can understand the feeling. My suggestion, can this area be extended enough so the full proposal/description of the offer could be seen and sellers don’t have to play with the cursor to move to the target line.Cover%20Letter%20Box


I would love a comfy box to type in! If communication is key, lets make communication easier.

The one thing I would add to that is that when starting new paragraphs, and adding line breaks between writings, that the line breaks would stay upon submitting them to messsaging. Especially in Buyer request. Line breaks = Better communications.


Current box is too small to type comfortably. I think if fiverr intend to extend the box size, they won’t have to spend a lot of time.

I don’t particularly understand what you mean, don’t those line breaks stay when you send over an offer?

No. No matter how many line breaks you have or how many passages you write, all will appear to buyer as one passage.

Go back and look to see if the line breaks stay in place.

Normally I would lay out a list of a breakdown of price, and then suibtotal the estimated work: so people can see the cost of each step.


If you are using chrome you can always right click within the description box and click on “inspect” and change the height manually to give you a few more additional lines. Not the best solution but it works.