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Make Fiverr Free from Corruption to Make the World the Best Place to Live in

Since my starting freelancing in fiverr, there are some proposals to work for something that must be checked. I am proposed to review on something which I did not use ever.

. If the freelancer works for this kind of proposal, the users of those things will be misguided. How we let it go!!! My slogan is “Making the world the best place to live in”.

Make the fiverr free from corruption 1

I was proposed to create an account in a financial company. Whenever I asked the buyer to send necessary information, he told to make up all info. I wondered if all are fake and refused to make any fake info. The buyer did not give any order and left conversation. I suggest to check this type of activities. If the things go like this, the world will not be a place to live in. The best!! It is trillion miles away.

Paid reviews are forbidden. Creating fake accounts sounds illegal.

I hope that nobody accepts to do either.


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