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Make Fiverr more approachable for experienced freelancers

It makes perfect sense for having different widgets like a countdown clock, as it teaches basic business ethics to sellers who have little or no previous experience in running a business. Which I assume is the vast majority of Fiverr’s users. Setting and meeting deadlines is indeed probably the most important cornerstone of a successful business. So I totally respect that, there needs to be some form of control in order to keep Fiverr’s reputation.

But for people who are already past that learning curve, it makes being a seller here a bit not so user-friendly. What I mean, is that as the whole idea of being a freelancer relies on back and forth communication with a client. So if for example in a very common situation, where you receive feedback from a client on a Friday afternoon, asking for changes. And you send back a message, making a promise to continue working on his project on Monday morning. It then makes no sense seeing warning messages like “This order is ridiculously late.” Because no, it’s not late, there was an agreement between the client and freelancer.
In no way I would call myself a professonal. But as somewhat experienced freelancer, I’m probably not the only person whose reaction to seeing messages like that, makes you see Fiverr as a somewhat awkwardly childish platform not even meant to be used by professionals. Again, I mean no disrespect. Take it as a note to improve on, loosen up your limits to make room for people who can become a powerful asset on this not yet so “freelance platform”.

Its just a matter of taking everything in to account when calculating your estimated delivery times. I pretty much use the same calculation on all platforms, x days or hours for Initial work time + x days or hours for revision work time + 2 days if you take weekends off + x days or hours for for unknowns (powercuts, punctured tires on the way to your office, out off coffee so cant work right now, being late coz you accidentally nailed your hand to a wall with a nail gun and other stuff that happens from time to time).