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Make Fiverr my main income

Hello Fiverr people! I already have complete 15 orders and my clients are always satisfied. But i really need to make Fiverr my main income because i need to quit my job! How can i do it? How can i have orders everyday? Now i have one order every one or two weeks which is good for my short time in Fiverr website but not so good to make it my main income. Any advice please?



To make it work, I think you’d have to market yourself off-site – probably quite aggressively, too. As your Fiverr presence grew, you could probably cut back on your marketing efforts, as you’d have a number of repeat clients and would enjoy decent exposure in the search results.

You’d still need another source of income to be safe, though. Over the past year, Fiverr has shown it’s willing to mix things up big time. Some established sellers earning hundreds of thousands of dollars per year have fallen by the wayside because of these changes.


Don’t do this!!!

I did this in the past and I regret it today.

I’ve been working at fiverr for 4 years now. I had too many projects, that I quit my job, so I could handle all. My main gig became the best seller overall in its category. Now, due the algorithm changes, my incomes at fiverr became a roller coaster, and lately it’s going just down. I’m promoting my gig more than ever, but it’s just going down.

If fiverr could use a fair algorithm to rank gigs, then maybe I could support your decision. But know, even if you have the best performance, this algorithm can rank you to the last page, impairing your chances to get more orders (like it’s happening with me).

Right now i don’t suggest you doing this. Depending on fiverr algorithm mood is a really bad thing.

Try to work some years here (yes, you read it right, YEARS) to grow a returning buyers list, and then with the time you decide if you quit your actual job.


Never do that…

I joined to fiverr 2011 and I got so many orders at that time. I was a TRS too.
So I decided that the Fiverr should be my main income. Yes, I did.

Now in 2018 its very sad to say that I couldn’t cover my family expenses with Fiverr income.
Also, now I haven’t a permanent job too.


So fiverr algorith has changed? When? I read about people who make lots of money here. They are only a few?



The last one week i didnt get any order. Were there any changes lately?


Of course… I am sure that’s true. However, what you need to understand is that this platform is VERY dynamic. There are things that are always changing on this website — be it the rules/ToS or the number of orders you receive. A job that was allowed up until today could suddenly be considered in violation of the ToS the very next day; Fiverr could just update the ToS saying that the particular job/activity is in violation of the ToS, effective from a particular day.

My point being: Fiverr (or any other online freelancing website for that matter) is not reliable AT ALL. It doesn’t matter if you are earning millions every year from the website… It doesn’t matter if you have thousands of repeat customers… It doesn’t matter how successful you are… cuz, in the end, the platform is very unreliable. There is no guarantee that this would continue forever. There is a chance that your orders might dry up or you might get butted out by Fiverr one day in the future… What then? You’d have nowhere to go.

In my opinion, it would not be wise to try and make it your main source of income and to rely solely on the income you get from Fiverr for a living. It may seem like an alluring prospect right now… But not a smart one imo.


I have been on Fiverr since 2013. Top Rated Seller.

Fiverr is a significant part of my monthly income. It is probably the most consistent work that I have ever had, but it is always 1 of 5 sources of income for me. I would suggest that you transition to being an entrepreneur. Set yourself up with diversified income. Income coming from multiple places. I always encourage people that are working full time to start work on the side in your spare time. Let your current job pay the bills while you work your new side business. Let your goal for the side business be to surpass your current full time job in income. This will provide the most stability and the most income. When you already have your bills paid for, you will not take on just any work. You will only take on the work that will make you good money.

When you are focusing on Fiverr, focus on offering services that are naturally repeat orders. In the last 60 days, I have had 56 unique customer on Fiverr placing 140 orders. 4 of these customers were new customers. I am not worried about algorithms, or search optimization because it only effects a few of my potential orders. So if I can gain 4 or 5 new customers per month, I am in a good place.

Good luck with Fiverr. I have been self employed / freelancing for 25 years and Fiverr has been one of the best things I’ve done. Once you have been on Fiverr for 12 months, you will have a better feel for the eb and flow of sales in your category.


his is true but it’s just a few.

Fiverr is one the most competitive marketplaces in the world. There are millions of gigs.

And yes, the algorithm changes like fiverr wants. It already changed a lot of times.

You can go from “hero to zero” in matter of 1 day.

So like I said, Use this for some years and then decide what you want to do. But I keep not suggesting to make it your main source of income.


The sellers that have done well here on Fiverr, are generally the sellers who have worked hard for their income. If you’re coming here because you’ve heard that other people “make lots of money here”, then you are here for the wrong reason. Fiverr is platform where you can offer your services as a freelance entrepreneur. No one else is going to make you successful, and orders don’t just flood your inbox just because you have a gig here. YOU are going to have to work very hard to earn every single order. You are going to have to learn how to reach out to your target customers, and convince them to hire you. You are going to have to take the time to market and promote your services. You are also going to have to do your market research, and make sure that you are setting yourself up with a professional and eye-catching gig.

You won’t become successful like other sellers who have “made it big” just because you are here. Fiverr makes no guarantee that anyone will have orders here. They merely provide you a place to host your services, and they expect YOU to do everything else to become successful.

If you’re here to build a business and share the skills you have with others, you might have a chance here. If you’re just here to “make lots of money”, then you’re probably in the wrong place.


Do not quit your day job! This site is too sporadic and it’s not loyal to longterm sellers. There are too many scammers who can affect your income and your stats. You’ll also get burned out. Just use the site for extra income.


I would strongly advice you to never ever take Fiverr as your main income source, only single bad buyer is enough to through you out of rankings and even a false complaint to CS can get your account ban.


Work hard, Deliver on time, Do extra for your client. Client is everything for you.


@ mariasereti I think you taken the best decision and I belief that it is possible to make Fiverr my main income.


Diversify your income stream, never rely on a business that you can NOT control by yourself. If you want to quit your job, I suggest you to do something that is related to your current job, don’t waste your resource or knowledge and experiences from that job.

You are providing photo edit service, that’s a good start point because you could accumulate clients, they always need your service, so I’m in your shoes, I’ll try to convert a customer to be my loyal clients, not only on Fiverr but on my own website. I’ll build a website, and develop a subscription package, that would make your income more stable.

Another suggestion is develop more needs from your customer. Except the photo editing, do you know any other services they need? If you find some, then try to create a other gig, or find someone could able to do that for you.

When you are too busy to handle orders, try to learn outsourcing low level tasks, to move your income to the the next level.


just carry on…:heart_eyes: