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Make Gig To Be In Editorial Focus

Hello! One of my gig is not in fiverr editorial focus, I got that in response from Customer Support. Now I wondering is it possible to mage that gig to be in fiverr editorial focus. It is gig where I have 3 positive reviews and as a new seller it is very important to me. Gig title was something like ,I will do your PYTHON homework or fix error in your program’’. Now I change that gig title to ,I will fix error in your PYTHON program" and also I update description of gig, because doing homework for someone is not in fiverr editorial focus. Did someone have same problem and is it possible to change decision of Customer Support? Or maybe someone can tell me what is wrong with my gig… Thanks.

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Hi Slavko993, currently I am dealing with the same issue. My Gig has been up on Fiverr for over a month now & as soon as my customer responses started to increase I was removed from their web search. I have been in contact with the Customer Support agent(s) for about 2 days now. Unfortunately, I have gotten nowhere, fast. They continuously dodge my questions regarding my Gig that is not visible on their site for the reason given that it is not in their “Editorial Focus”. My Gig focus falls under Fun & Lifestyle > Gaming > Playing Fortnite with Interested Users. I don’t understand how this violated their Terms and Conditions. Prior to becoming a seller/ member on Fiverr, they promote custom gig offers of any kind. The first Q&A on their Website CLEARLY states, " Be creative! You can offer any service you wish as long as its legal and complies with our terms," … A very misleading site I’d say.

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You are offering a service but it’s not one like would routinely be offered to businesses or commercial clients. Fiverr is allowing you to offer it.

They didn’t say anywhere that any gig was guaranteed a place in search. That’s not dodgy, it’s clear.

You don’t have to violate the Terms to be dropped from search. Editorial focus is separate from ToS. If you harass the Support agents then you could lose your account, though.

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