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Make Huge Turnaround After 6 Months Without Any Order

Just earn a total of $80 net profit for the past few days and still waiting for another review. I’m quite excited because I thought that gig will never make it here but I try it anyway. Started with $5 then I change my price to $10 once I got my first customer. I thought that was it but turns out I make more sales. And I even got $55 in just one order. Bit frustrated though because some buyers didn’t bother to leave a review. To those who haven’t make a single sale yet, don’t be disheartened. It took me 6 months before my luck change. All the best :slight_smile:


Congrats on your success…

This is awesome! I’m really happy for you :slight_smile:

@eleazar95, best of luck . . .


Best of luck…
I am also waiting for three months to get my first order.

congratulation @eleazar95 more orders come your way

To me, this is motivation, thrive, to desire to go forth. Thank you.