Make it a great experience from the start! [ARCHIVED]


Fiverr is an awesome place to make as little or as much as you want with the talents you have. In the time I have been on Fiverr I have had the opportunity to help almost 2000+ people with many different projects. The one, and probably most important thing I have learned is to create plenty of communication between you and the buyer, or even the seller if you are a buyer…it works both ways. If from the start you acknowledge them as someone who not only is asking you for something to be done, but also someone who is supporting what you are doing, it makes them feel more personal and involved. Ask as many questions as you need from the start so there is no confusion, and let them know if there might be a issue with what they are asking…before it becomes an issue. This way as you finish the project for them, they are more likely to approach you one on one if there is an issue, rather then just reject it, or leave a bad review because their expectations were not met. Yes, there will always be one or two that want everything for nothing, and I have found that by simple communication, even issues you run into with them can easily be taken care of. I will give more tips on how to make it a great experience with Fiverr in future posts.

This is a great idea by the way to have a forum where everyone can share, and I offer my services to anyone who may need more info on how to succeed here on Fiverr.

Voice, and voice over gigs


Good advice! I also send the buyers their videos before I complete the order, just to make sure they’re happy; which is another way to make sure they’re happy when you deliver their order


@JerryLittleMars, I thumbs uped rated you here for that one.

That’s a great tip. And even if you’re on tight time lines, you can always say, I’ll leave this on speck here for the night. If you see anything to question, please do so, if I don’t hear from you in that time, I’ll go ahead and set it as delivered and assume you’re thrilled!