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Make it easier for repeat sales

  1. Please make it easier to find a Seller I have done work with before. I’ve tried the Search Box and that doesn’t work!!
  2. Please make it easier to do more than one ‘gig’ at a time. I had 5 items that were very similar, we had talked about it in the discussion, but then I had to create 5 separate ‘gigs’ and each one started it’s own page. so we had 5 pages to complete plus the original communication page - Talk about Confusing!!! It was all one order!

If you’ve done work with a seller before, you should be able to just look through your list of old completed orders, and find the name of the seller you’re looking for. As far as I am aware, those should still be accessible, long after a gig is marked as being complete.

As far as more than one gig at a time, just order multiples from any gig. You aren’t limited to just one $5 order. :wink: