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Make it easier to select a gig in the Buyer Requests section

Has it ever happened that sometimes Fiverr lets you choose which gig to submit and other times they force you to pick a gig you don’t like? One that’s not right for the buyer? I think this might be killing sales, not all buyers will click your name and see what other gigs you do.

Reply to @ghanes14: Today the only gig I was able to submit was the guest posting on my gun blog, that was not what the buyers were demanding. If Fiverr can’t fix it, then let us submit our profiles, maybe that would be the easiest solution.

I run into this issue every day. Often I’ll go to submit an offer, and it will give me an option of one gig, that is not related in any way to the request. I agree, it can cause us to lose the chance of them picking us.

I have a feeling that the gig that comes up to offer the buyer request is related in some way to the tags you choose – or the category you selected for your gig.

Reply to @jonbaas: My point is I have 10 gigs, sometimes I’m able to choose which one to submit, sometimes the system won’t let me do it.