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Make money from blogging

I need help with my current blog. It is currently a cooking and travel blog.I have all the necessary social media platforms set up for it. I just need help now making money at it, and unfortunately until I do I`m on a fixed budget. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks, Allison

Hi Allison.

You have three options:

browse the relevant categories to see if you can find a gig/seller who offers what you are looking for and which/who you like

use the search engine with relevant keywords

post a buyer request

Hope that helps. Good luck with your blog.

And welcome to the forum.


There is no money in blogging. At least, not unless you can go back in time to 2007 and start your blog then. You need to have either an affiliate marketing strategy, a domain flipping strategy, or a lot of money to pour into making an incredible brand persona to make blogging pay in 2019.

I started my blog in 2002. There was some good money in it back them – sponsors and the like. These days, the blogs I maintain aren’t nearly as profitable as my own back in in the early 2000’s. But then again, blogging today isn’t anything like it used to be.

Interesting bit of trivia – My blog predates Facebook. Facebook didn’t even exist when I started blogging. (Facebook was founded in 2004). :wink:


Don’t go there John. My first attempt at a blog was a Xena Warrior Princess fan blog hobbled together in 1998 while playing MDK and feeling like I was the most tech savvy person in the world.

I was a very weird child.

Of course, that is nothing like actually sustaining a blog from 2002 until now. I’d love to see your blog. As such, I will now use every keyword combination I can think of to track your blog down online like a mad cyber stalker!


Go for it. It’s not hard to find. Sadly, that blog has been in hiatus since 2015 (although, I am pursuing an effort to relaunch regular posting again). Ironically, that blog went into hiatus because of Facebook – where most of my personal musings are now posted. :roll_eyes: