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Make more Sell Fiverr Gig

Hi Please.
Check my fiverr gig.

give me tips.
How can increase my fiverr gig sell.

Thanks In Advance


Make good thumbnail
Write good description
Provide quality work.
Do social shares.


This was posted by a Pro Seller. It may help you.

We can give you tips, but YOU are the only person that can “increase [your] gig sell”.


Ring a :bell:?

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make a good thumbnail of your gig, make good description , good tags , and also use buyer request daily

Regularly send 10 buyer requests and post on social media like Facebook,twitter,pintrest,google plus etc just post at least 5 posts every day cause social shares give you more impression and impression give you buyer. Make good thumbnail, Write good description on gigs and also write a good overview.


I’m glad you asked for help. That’s just what this place in the Forum is for.

It looks like you know what you’re doing in terms of web coding. Here are some suggestions that may help improve your sales:

Make $25 your minimum price, even for a gig with no sales. No one wants a $5 website, so it won’t improve your conversion to be priced so low, and it certainly won’t improve your search ranking, which seems to be tied indirectly to average transaction price. A $5 website buyer may likely be a somewhat neurotic individual (in my own experience with $5 buyers of serious services) who you’ll want to avoid anyway.

Improve your gig art. It’s not terrible, and it might even be above average, but let’s be honest, it’s not A+.

It is customary in the parts of the world most Fiverr buyers come from to smile broadly in a business portrait. We buy from people we like. You seem to be saying, “And just who do you think you’re looking at?!” in your picture.

Best of success to you. :slight_smile:

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How Can I Increase Gig Sell?

Thanks A Lot,

Great Tips & Great Suggestion.
I Will Follow This.

Excellent Suggestion

Thanks For Your valuable Suggestion

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You can read the forum for those answers. They have already been shared as answers to hundreds of other people that have asked that very same question.

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How can I approve my gigs

What Reason Your Gig are not approve??