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Make my first sale

Hey, it’s been a week since I joined uploaded my gigs. I’ve tried sending offers to buyer request but haven’t received any project yet.
Can you please tell me how can I attract sale.

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Keep on sending offers to buyer request is fine and also you should market your gig outside of fiver where your targeted customers are. It will help you to have new customers and also increase Impression, Views, clicks to make your gig up on its category.

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Check this out:

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Lots of others have asked this already! Check out the past posts on this

You likely won’t receive a lot of work from buyer requests, I’ve sent hundreds and haven’t received any. Keep working on improving your gigs until you get your first order, then focus on getting a good rating. You do have to be patient. After I uploaded the gigs I have up now, it took me about two weeks until I got my first sale. It’s been slow to start but I’m starting to get more frequent work. Patience is key.

I already have, but they are mostly about stagnancy after sales.

Hey, thanks for your comment. It has given me some hope