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Make Order Multiple Gigs Option For ALL SELLER LEVELS!

Hello there Fiverr!

I love your website, your website is bringing me awesome reputation and great satisfied customers.

However, there is one small thing that is extremely annoying for both me and the customer, but mostly the customer and I think they should not have to deal with this such thing.

That is that they have to order separate gigs and this is really frustrating for them when they have about 10 or more gigs to order.

I know I know, my seller level is due to high amounts of cancellation (which has mostly been because people ordered wrong and I have had to tell some people that I could not deliver certain requirements so they deserved a refund then).

I find it sad though that such a simple thing such as “order multiple gigs function” should be limited on a seller level.

This is only hurting me, consumers and you fiverr as it might make someone not wanting to order 20 gigs which is a whooping $20 in an instance for Fiverr! :wink:

So dear, down-to-earth and awesome Fiverr, please make order multiple gigs option available to ALL seller levels including me!

I am providing high quality services as my amounts of reviews are the proof of, so I think my customers deserve the privilege to order dozens of gigs in an instance instead of having to do 20 separate gigs! :open_mouth:

THX IN ADVANCE FIVERR I LUV U! ^^, / MaxTheMarketer.

P.S. I don’t deserve to be a sheep, I deserve to have a order multiple gig option for my customers! :smiley:

P.S.S: This simple implementation is a win-win-win (for sellers, customers and You Fiverr) ^^,

I agree - there’s no reason not to. The simpler it is for buyers to buy more, the happier and more successful EVERYONE is.

i just spent many emails negotiating a 20gig deal only to be told i have to buy it in 20 separate transactions. ok apart from that being annoying, paypal or my cc company might find 20 payments like that i bit unusual. also, and most importantly what about a dispute! i would have to dispute 20 separate payments!

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Agreed. And now due to some Fiverr payment bug, I had to cancel 3 gigs which mean I probably need 30 more completed gigs to receive my seller level 2 because just for the batch gig function, PLZ FIX FIVERR, let multiple gig batch be included in ALL seller levels, the extra gig functions can be in seller level 2, but multiple gigs is a such as simplistic thing yet so powerful and helpful and rewarding for EVERYONE’S BUSINESS!!! :’(((


I am a buyer trying to buy $30 worth in $5 gigs (so 6 transactions for one job???) Don’t get it Fiverrrrrrrr. Comoe ON. Fix it guys!

Maybe new sellers could have a limit on how many gig extras they can offer. I find it extremely annoying that, if someone orders three gigs from me and then decides they don’t like what I send them and CANCELS, my cancellation rate shoots through the roof. In fact, that is exactly what happened: I have 3 cancellations that were related to one buyer’s request. (She wanted to pay me $15 to help her outline a novel, so she had to order 3 gigs. When she didn’t like the outline, all 3 were cancelled and my ratio went sky high because I am new and don’t have enough gigs to balance it out!)

For a buyers point of view I’ve had to buy multiple gigs several times - the most being 9 gigs and several 5 gigs. Other times I just went to oDesk rather than mess around. I have finally decided to sell a service I perform and I didn’t really look at the rules before setting up the gig. My gig is a $5 sample but the full price is $40 - asking people to buy 8 gigs seems like a funny way to do things.

Reply to @wcman1976: No, I mean gig extras. The issue being discussed here is how buyers have to go through the gig purchasing process over and over because new sellers can’t offer gig extras. If we could offer gig extras, then that buyer might have to buy only one gig from us. This would keep them from being annoyed at having to purchase repeatedly, and it would keep sellers from being annoyed because we get a high cancellation rate if someone doesn’t like our work.

My example is this: a woman wanted me to help her outline her novel. She wanted to pay me $15, so she ordered three gigs. She didn’t like the work I gave her and cancelled. My cancellation rate went up to 20% or higher simply from a disagreement with ONE buyer. If I had been able to offer an extra, then she would have ordered one gig. If things had turned out the same way, my cancellation rate wouldn’t have been nearly as bad.

While I agree extras should be something we earn with levels, I also think there should be something in place to prevent things like this happening to new sellers. For example, maybe we could be limited to one or two extras, and they increase with your level.

And I understand the original post was about an “order multiple gigs” option so people don’t have to go through the entire process every time. But what I am saying is that, from a newbie standpoint, multiple gigs can really suck if you wind up in the situation I was. Just one buyer not liking my product was enough to drag my rating down. I could have probably hit level 1 by now if it weren’t for that interaction.

My point is: if someone wants to pay someone more than $5 for a gig, it’d be nice if there was an option other than ordering multiple gigs and putting us at risk of a high cancellation rate if they buyer doesn’t like our work.

fragglesrock? um, okay…not what I typed LOL, and I didn’t type any cursing there either.

I see people climb and fall the first week or 2 on this site usually with a huge bragging forum post about how they are going to quit their day job. Then all of a sudden they realize the full spectrum of what they have to do ( deal with hundreds of emails, refuse customers who are manipulative, understand how many revisions they can handle). Then poof their rating falls to 40% and they are done. I am glad that these people do not have the option to charge people hundreds because then it would be a huge problem rather then some people not happy loosing just 5

Sounds good to me. I would make so much more if this were possible. It’s much easier to up-sell if you can do it all in the same order.

My guess though is, they do it for fraud protection so you’ll probably never see it for anyone under TRS.

Here’s my problem. I’m a new Fiverr seller working with an experienced Fiverr buyer. I do editing. I did one job for her and that was great. Now she wants me to do a much larger job, 14 gigs worth, but she doesn’t want to have to go through buying one at a time. She suggested I set up a gig that allows for that but I don’t know how to do that. Can you help?


Sounded to me more like he was referring to the “gig extras” multiples, rather than the individual flat rate $5 orders.

Aka, if I could sell my extras in bulk in the same order, I can up-sell tremendously. Top-rated sellers have this option and he’s a Level 2 seller, so I assumed he wasn’t talking about selling multiple gigs in general.

Then I realized apparently someone bumped this thread from quite a long time ago, so he probably was just talking about levels in general and standard orders as the time of the thread, he probably wasn’t a Level 2.

(I skimmed and just mainly read the main part, and not all the responses and was bored at 1 in the morning.)

I think well, me personally don’t feel it’s viable to focus on the standard orders, but to rather sell multiples of the extras. Standard orders make for a nice residual, but if you really want to make a more stable income with Fiverr, up-selling is basically key. I have had people go from wanting to order $500+ to ordering $165 due to them not wanting to place multiple orders and since that’s the max price you can set at $165, it’s quite limiting.

Has it happened yet?

Can buyers make multiple orders from level1 sellers? ^^,

I think this option, within reason, would be nice to have. I have had several customers place multiple orders now, and a lot more have mailed me to ask about higher volume jobs and pricing. One interested customer was interested in my work but was a bit turned off by fact he would need to place over 10 orders to get the delivery. I could only suggest he either bear with me and go through the ordeal, or else wait some more days until I hit level 1 and then I can tailor a package for his needs. I see the reasons why the maximum order amount is limited, but I think it should be raised to at least a max of 5.

Maybe if sellers could reach level one just as a result of the number of sales and feedback, and lose the 30 day thing, then it might help. I had a buyer who wanted a big project that needed 50 gig orders!! He went ahead, but I would rather have had the option to make his life a bit easier. Also, he then had to rate 50 deliveries and i had to rate 50 sales! PITA or what? Still it was a fun project, and he was delighted. There was a lot of good will on both sides, so we waded through the mutual rating :wink: It could put people off though!

I and the buyer agreed on 12 gigs but later on buyer did not order because he said im low ranked seller and he needs to order all in multiple gigs to avoid confusion…

I agree that multiple gigs should be easier to gain.