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"Make order visible"?

I have had numerous orders this month but you couldn’t really tell by looking at my portfolio. I had no clue that buyers could choose to make their order visible or not. Why is this option available? The buyer gives five stars and leaves a glowing review and then choose not to make it visible? Doesn’t make sense to me honestly. In any case, having the order made publicly visible automatically would benefit both the buyer and seller but having the option to make the order private is confusing and nonsensical.


Because some buyers prefer (or have to) keep things confidential; if they weren’t allowed that option, they wouldn’t buy at all (or wouldn’t leave a review). Would you prefer that?


Nope, it’ll only benefits the seller. How would it benefit the buyer?


One example is that some buyers can’t make their books public until published. Or some people commission portraits drawn of their family and don’t want their pictures circulating the internet. Or literally any other reason they want, because it is their project and they have the right to choose what goes public or not.

Side note: There really needs to be an option for sellers to be able to choose to turn off specific images considering that not all of the custom work I’ve done is reflective of what I actually offer in my Gig (plus there are some orders I’m not 100% proud of :grimacing:). Also there are some orders I’ve done that are political in nature, and I’d rather not advertise that as I do not wish to get more of those kinds of orders… :upside_down_face:


Buyer is the owner of image, artwork, or work provided by seller.

Seller after sale has been made has ZERO rights and it is buyers wish to allow that his ownership is presented in sellers portfolio.

In cases where I know for sure buyer is not going to allow his delivery to be visible I add nice representative image of my work as portfolio sample.


That’s pretty entitled of you to not understand why people don’t want to share their work on your profile.

No one owes you anything and it honestly isn’t rocket science why someone wouldn’t want to put it there.

And why on earth would Fiverr force buyers to contribute to your portfolio?!

Your entitlement isn’t going to make your porfolio grow.

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