Ok so as both a BUYER and SELLER here on fiverr, I’m much more of a BUYER then a Seller since i started on Fiverr. Here is my thought, and let me know if I’m alone here…

OK so after I receive a GIG and lets say it was AWESOME LOGO or something!!! Now I see the tip box pop up, but the minimum is $5, so my dilemma? Do I tip the Seller or PURCHASE another Gig for that same $5 and get myself another AWESOME LOGO??? In my mind I’m still rewarding the Seller because I’m giving them more business, but in all honesty the system made me take away what could have probably been an easy $1 or $2 tip as well, had that option been available and I seen that during the review process. Anyway just a thought, but I do “THINK” it would increase sellers average sale amount and increase the amount of buyers that would start tipping. Now FIVERR I don’t think you should be taking 20% either from ANY tips either…lol As I think you should look at it as “you have a great seller that’s keeping customers happy” let them keep 100% of their tips, or at the very least take a lot less.

So that’s just another thing I think could make Fiverr even better, GB