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Make Sure to Finalize This Order? - Enough is Enough Fiverr

I was curious to see how this new ‘we won’t be automatically completing orders anymore’ was going to work. Now though, I’m just furious.

Having just gone to complete a $15 order, I get this;

Be sure to finalize the order before proceeding.
The buyer will be notified you completed the order and reminded to rate their experience.

What? You somehow can’t say: "Hi Mr. Buyer, your seller has delivered your order. Please remember that all orders autocomplete after 3-days. Not happy? Ask for a revision now."

What you can say, though, is: "Hi Mr. Buyer, your seller has decided that your order is complete. Not happy? Review them now and cite your frustration that you can’t have unlimited revisions that way."

More to the point, why does every notification Fiverr comes up with sound like a death threat?

What does “Be sure to finalize the order before proceeding.” even mean? There is an implication here that if I don’t send a message, await a buyers response, and then finalize an order, I will be doing something wrong. - And that there will be consequences.

So, what are my options here?

As I see it, I need to allocate an obscene amount of potential administration time to every order. - And I can’t afford that.

Or I can up prices to reflect this new set of Fiverr expectations. - Funny though how my current pricing seems to attract substantially more buyers than anyone priced any higher in this particular gig niche.

Industry vetted Pros in my niche = Zero sales, despite gigs being active for nearly as long and benefiting from elevated search exposure.

Mid-range sellers in my niche = Considerably fewer sales (going by reviews) despite my average selling price being above all their basic package options.

In short. Thank you, Fiverr for… Well, what exactly? Finding a new way to imply I’m doing something wrong? Adding a new sack of potatoes to every order? Suggesting that an order might be liable for cancellation if I do not follow up with a buyer and get some kind of feedback?

Of that’s right. It’s all of the above.


Can you send this feedback to CS - I know they are collecting information on this feature, so the more we can feedback on how it is (or isn’t) working for us, the better.


(knock on wood) I have still not be subjected to this new thing Fiverr is testing with delivered/completed orders. I had one that auto-completed this morning. I suspected the buyer wouldn’t come back anyway, so I am glad the order completed on its own.

This buyer is gaming Fiverr’s evaluation system and knows cancellations sting providers. The first time he did it, I didn’t catch it in time - busy time of the school year. Second time, he threw in an extra 50 or so words to the count. Luckily, I could easily reduce that to below my threshold but told him, in no uncertain terms, that I was a professional and should be paid according to what my gig says - not what he thinks I should be paid.

I told him if he did it again, I’d cancel his order and that be that! He knows what he’s doing, so I was glad to see the order auto-complete. I doubt he comes back. And, I’ll be surprised if he does.

IMO, what Fiverr is doing with this auto-complete update is a knee-jerk reaction to a few complaints from buyers. They fail to read the site’s TOS and complain when it happens. The only solution I can come up with now is writing a template or something that states something along the lines of this:

Fiverr permits buyers three days to review a delivered order. Failure to review the material in 3 days’ time will lead to the order being marked complete. (Something along those lines).


I’m sorry. This is about time. I simply don’t have enough to spare for this silliness. This is a limit orders and pause gigs event, not a pen a letter to Discobot moment.


I do this exact thing. I always mention this politely after a “Thank you for the order” message in the beginning.

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I would love to hear from any sellers who have had the issues that this is supposed to solve.
1400+ orders and I don’t recall anyone coming back with an issue or a bad review which was likely to have been because of it.
I can’t just be lucky, this has to be a serious minority of people who have this issue.
So anyone who has this issue, please speak up - no judgement, you wont be blamed, if there is an issue that this solves for a wide number of people then I am happy to say “fair enough” but I just don’t see it.

Let’s Poll it - Poll is ANONYMOUS
Pick one of the options for Sellers and one of the options for Buyers (if you buy)

  • I have had a problem with a buyer because an order autocompleted
  • I have NEVER had a problem with a buyer because an order autocompleted
  • I have had LOTS OF PROBLEMS with buyers because orders autocompleted
  • I have had a problem with a seller because an order autocompleted
  • I have NEVER had a problem with a seller because an order autocompleted
  • I have had LOTS OF PROBLEMS with sellers because orders autocompleted

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When the order autocompletes the buyer comes straight to the PMs and the order gets finished there if it wasn’t before. In 90% of cases, it also ends with a review.

When the order autocompletes and the buyer is not done with it and is under the impression it’s you who intentionally did it, they get offended and the hell breaks loose.

This entire situation is bizarre to me. It’s like they took it, turned it upside down and now make me function accordingly while pretending everything makes sense. I wrote to CS but given the recent order page redesign that is just as logical I’m not very enthusiastic about the outcome.


I’m sorry, but this is the most brain dead thing Fiverr has thought of till now. How long do I wait before closing an order? 1 Day? 3 Days? 7 Days? A MONTH?

I swear, every day it’s a new drama with Fiverr.

Same! With almost 1500 orders, I’ve only had one single negative review due to a $5 buyer that just won’t take no for an answer. I can’t think of anyone that would want this feature.


Yes. This is exactly the problem. None of this makes any logical sense. Whenever I have had problems with buyers the problem always rests with me refusing to do added work FOC, revise an order due to a buyer changing their order requirements, or having scammers simply say "I don’t like it, please cancel."

All this does is give buyers in the aforementioned situations, power to complain that they have not ‘agreed’ to close an order.


That IS the keyword there - AGREED to close an order.

By going this route, it could lead to sellers not closing an order and never getting paid, especially if a buyer goes AWOL. And, remember Fiverr’s own words are, “When you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.”


I am 7,000+ orders in and I NEVER had any trouble with orders automatically closed.

And I know that for a couple of months now Fiverr messages buyers 24 hours before the order is auto-completed.

I thought that was a good move.

But this beta they are testing?

Who comes up with that “stuff”???


If you have the time to complain about it here on the forums, it’s also worth a quick comment to customer support - just saying if you want it to change, you have to let the people know who have the power to make that change.


I have never had an issue with orders auto-completing. In fact, I sometimes say to buyers if they don’t get to a review in time, that even after an order auto-completes, I am happy to complete minor revisions. I’ve never been taken up on that.


To be fair, probably more people would bother sending feedback if there seemed to be a real chance to not get a template response. People keep posting the replies they get from CS and we keep seeing the same replies posted, over and over again.
Plus, whenever people complain about Fiverr not reading their forum, they get told that Fiverr does yet read their forum.

I haven’t ever had an issue with auto-completion of an order either, as seller or as buyer.
I do sometimes also mention the auto-completion thing in a delivery message when I know a buyer is brand new and might not be aware of it and it might become an issue.

However, this change seems to be just one more in a line of changes that punish everyone (with to sensible sellers, who do their job right, nonsensical seeming “upgrades”, more wasted time, more potential drama they might need to circumnavigate and suffer from, more stress because of lost levels due to unavoidable cancellations) instead of targeting those on whose behalf those changes are being implemented.

Sellers here are constantly told to target the right group of people with their efforts.
How about targeting the right group of people with those efforts to improve the platform?


I understand that criticism - I’m just saying that if we can make good arguments to CS as to why this is a bad idea, and ask for the information to be passed on, I think that’s a proactive step we can take if we want any chance of there being a change.

Incidentally, I will flag this thread to my Fiverr contact and ask them to pass it on, but I also think the more consolidated feedback we provide via other channels, the better.


I agree with @miiila. The template answers are a problem over the problem.
I don’t read the nameplate every time I enter the lift.
The same principle applies to the canned replies: once I understand that someone keeps saying the same thing over and over again, I stop talking.


Well, I have always wondered why it’s not much better for everyone to consolidate the feedback in threads in Site Suggestions and Bugs instead of thousands of sellers individually sending tickets about the very same issues and clogging CS’s queue but, same, if people post bugs or suggestions, they tend to hear “Send a ticket to CS” lol okay, everyone channel away to their heart’s content. :wink:


But just because they respond with boilerplate / templated replies does not mean they are not passing the message on to product development. I appreciate that the boilerplate may not be the best way to respond, but if the alternative is doing nothing and still expecting things to change, well, I’ll take the templated response every time.


It’s the difference between push and pull communications. Sure, Fiverr probably does pick up feedback from bugs and site suggestions (A “pull” communciation) , but they have to remember to do that, and it’s probably when they have time - i.e. best endeavors. If you send feedback to CS (Push communications), the likelihood is they will pass it on to product development. I think we should use the channels at our disposal to affect change, so that’s what I will do. Obviously everyone else is free to do as they wish as well, but why not take five minutes to send your feedback, so it is at least considered? After all, that will be much quicker than having to take five minutes for every order you have to manually close…


Starting to feel like working in a govt. bureaucracy around here, isn’t it.

Does anybody remember when we were freelancers?