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Make the custom price quote be connected to an actual gig


I was happy to see the new custom price quote functionality. But it should be able to “connect” to a gig. If the order is completed, where would the review go? and it makes it easier for the seller to offer a price for their services. Just my 2 cents.


Reply to @freelancemm: I have used price quote several time and it is very good feature implemented by fiverr.

Whenyou submit a price quote along with delivery time, project budget and details. It depends on other user to accept or reject. Once it is accepted that user paid the amount of quote and project started. A new order created for custom project and the rest of order process is the same. You get rating the same way you get on any gig order, just those ratings will not show publicly.


I was curious what actually happens during a price quote and i’m hoping a TRS that has had months of time to play around with the feature can give me some insight. I kind of like that it’s not tied to a specific gig… but i’m curious how the actual order process goes. Often times I have clients that require many different services of mine and it would be easier for me to offer them a bulk bundle price with discount… so I kind of like it this way.