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Make the News, Get Interviewed & Broadcast Online - This is how you get traffic to your site

As the methods of getting higher in the search engines changes, so do the ways of using video as your vehicle to brand yourself. With 26 years in video and broadcast under our belt, the past 4 years with our corporate client (not on fiverr) have been very interesting. These companies prefer to interviewed as on television rather than just have a straight forward video. Now, we have made this concept available to small business at a very affordable rate.

Honestly, you have to be crazy not to do this gig because you will not only enhance your brand but also credibility, trust and a video that will boost your business. Some businesses prefer a phone interview rather than be on camera. But, we live in a visual world and it’s only going to increase as we go forward.

Consider a tv interview for your business here:

Stand out from the crowd, be different, boost conversion and sales.

Everyone will be shocked again, once their gig sales continue to go down. You have to ask why? Traffic!