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Make the right decision , I will creat 3 online survey

surveys are important.
They tell us who we often and what we believe .
Instead of messing around with pen and paper nasty emails and spreadsheets
i will create a survey monkey the world’s most popular trusted online survey tool .
Not only you send unlimited number of surveys for a few bucks a month but survey monkey is powerful enough professional research . To use for things like getting feedback for your business , events planned , or just for fun
because making good decisions is important to you order my gig for 5$ and start now your success
I will create a survey on Survey Monkey with a maximum of 10 questions. I will do the following tasks:
1- Create a free SurveyMonkey account using a given email and password
2- Add questions texts you provide to the survey from a file (e.g. word) and select their types (Multiple choice, Comment Box , Drop down , Matrix , etc)
3- Create a Web Link to send via email and past it in Facebook , Twitter, and other websites (Collect Responses section)
4- give you the account with the two survey and also show you how to analyse when you reached the minimum threshold to analyse the results.
so let’s start the work dear