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Make Watermark a designer name, or general image instead of Fiverr

Instead of having a big FIVERR logo on each delivery, I would like to suggest a more generic logo/name etc. Maybe the name of the designer.
Towards my clients it is disturbing to have this brand-name. Am I the only buyer that feels like this?


No. It is Fiverr’s company, not yours.

Having your own watermark here wouldn’t help you anyway.

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i can see the compilation of having people add their own watermark, you’re right.
But I use Fiverr in my network of providers that helps me solve my customers problem.
They don’t do business with Fiverr - they do business with me. Thats why I asked.

I understood. This is Fiverr’s business. You don’t get to white label it and there is zero point in doing that.

The fact that you fulfill the service is irrelevant.

Then you should set up your personal website if you feel that way. That’s when you will realize the transaction, takes place between the platform and the buyer. You fulfill the order but Fiverr is the one they visited, registered on and paid the amount to.

Also: i get a lot of angry messages asking me why I watermarked the delivery. I explain politely that it’s a Fiverr feature and that once they accept the delivery, the watermark is removed.

Now imagine what would happen if said watermark had my name on it.


Ideally, the watermark should show the sellers username and the Fiverr logo. After all, Fiverr adding a watermark makes it seem like Fiverr has created the work in question.

That said, I believe (though I might be wrong) that you can turn the watermark feature off. This way, you could add your own watermark to images. However, this would not be automatically removed when orders are marked as complete. In this case, it could result in more harm than good.


Though you couldn’t deliver the work with your own watermark/logo overlaid (unless Fiverr changed the system), because it wouldn’t get removed automatically after acceptance. It would only work for works in progress before the actual delivery of the order currently.

yeah - my point. I don;t want to have a watermark removed - i want to show it (with a watermark) to my customer. But if i accept and the customer still wants changes, we haver to order again