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Make WordPress Gigs (Tips) [ARCHIVED]

50% of websites are using WordPress. So WordPress has high demand. First learn how to setup contact form for WordPress. Then create gig (eg: I will setup contact form).

25% of websites use Wordpress, not 50%.

50% of websites that use top CMS is Wordpress.

But otherwise, Wordpress is definitely a high demand gig!

So, your “tip” here has lots of problems.

Your own source link (from 2015) does not say that 50% of websites use WP. It says that “over 40% of sites using CMS’s are using WordPress.” Even if you wanted to try saying 40% of websites use WP it would be incorrect since tons of sites do not use a CMS at all.

Your tip is also not applicable to the general Fiverr seller community. Not nearly all sellers have websites or even blogs, so many have no need for WordPress. That leaves your “tip” basically here to advertise WP services, which doesn’t belong in this category. I would move it to the ad category, but since the information it in is invalid according to your own outdated source link it doesn’t go anywhere here. It will be removed shortly.

Wordpress has both high demand but there are also over 14000 wordpress gigs and the majority of them have 0-5 sales.
If i did development work here i would focus on less known platforms that do have a fair amount of users but lack developers.

Well caught. I think, it has become a (bad) trend to misuse Fiverr forums to post ‘expert tips’ as a cloaked way to simply get their own profile URL out there. Meaning, the tip really isn’t helpful (or factually correct) but the poster gets some air time on the forum, regardless. This is what I call intelligent spam.

Like Joomla, Drupal? anything else that comes to your mind? I have 4 wordpress related gigs now, I am planning to merge them into a single gig.

So instead of this :

I will install WP on your hosting
I will install WP theme
I will install WP plugin
I will edit your WP theme

I will put up a single : ‘I will be your WP expert for 5$’

I’m seeing a lot of providers who offer services related to the most cutting edge technologies being used today (AngularJS, Hadoop, etc) and have a few sales. It seems like the sellers have embraced the change even before there was buyer demand for what they were offering. It’s an interesting case study to see how it goes. As the services being offered are usually used by enterprises or startups with a heavy tech focus, so the paradox is whether they might want to hire a part time programmer to do their work at all because these technologies are quite unlike the kind of individually owned and operated blogs, they are enterprise software with users who have an above-average knowledge about the systems. With WP, it’s easy to offer quick fixes as a gig, with others, it becomes a bit difficult overall.

Btw, can someone tell me where I will get notifications for my forum interactions? I don’t see any notifications button, all buttons in the top header bar seem to lead away from forums and to my user profile, so I don’t know if someone replied to me on the forum.

Use the View Activity link to see your own posts and replies as well as any threads you are following. You’ll have to check on your areas of interest that way for now.