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Make wordpress website seo friendly


I will fully optimise your Wordpress site, and make sure the site is set up for on site higher speed score making it climb up the search engine rankings and create you more traffic. We do not just optimise for Google, we optimise for all search engines, using GT Metrix as a reporting platform.

Basic Install yoast plugin
Standard Install yoast , make images friendly , increase Page loadspeed
Pro Install yoast , Seo image friendly , increase Page load speed + 32 offsite high quality backlinks( https://■■■■■■/ooymWW )

After the work is complete, I will send you details of the work I performed within a PDF report.
Please be aware that it is impossible for any developer or SEO expert to guarantee a certain placement within the search engines, however the SEO work on your website will create a powerful site to take on rival websites for those top placements.

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Do you know Marc Guerin?
Try to write your own gig description and remove links to external websites before your gig gets reported or taken down.


Link from youtube and tumblr are allowed . Anyone who want to learn more about them can read it
Also buy my gig if you want or share it on social media

No thanks. If I needed it I would hire Marc.

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can you please write his/her profile name

Discription is unique here is proof

Thank god there’s Google and most of us know how to use it.
Here’s a comparison with your gig description on the left and the snapshot from another freelance site. Only part written by you is full of grammar mistakes.

I’ve lost interest in this and I don’t really care where you took it from.
I’m out.


You just used “Marc Guerin’s” Description in your Gig. He is in people per… His picture Capture

So make your gig description unique. Write your own gig description. Thanks

That was my discription