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Make your company social!

Social Media Marketing refers to the techniques that use social media as a catalyst for your company to flourish, increase brand exposure and improve audience insights. It includes frequent feedbacks from the customers which lets them feel empowered by raising questions or voicing complaints. Social Media Marketing allows you to directly connect with your target audience.
Why do you need Social Media Management?

  1. Your customers are on social media.

  2. There are people searching for your company.

  3. People are talking about your company on social media.

Can you share your experience on social media marketing? Also, what do you think the best way to attract people to do commenting a useless post? Because I saw on social media, sometimes people crowded to useless post.

As per my experience, social media marketing is all about targeting the right audience. A useless post can be used to attract a large crowd, based on the targeted audience. What might seem useless to one, would not be useless for everyone. Strategy is the key factor for successful social media marketing.

I see… So the key, is the right audience. Seem like not much difference from graphic design. Thank you for the answer.