Make your first sell within 1 week (tested) and earn level 1 badge


Hi, I am a photo expert photo editor. I have made my first sell on fiverr within 1 week an earned level 1 badge within a month. Here I will tell you how I did that.

(i) First I have completed profile and created my gigs.

(ii) I made sure myself that I am really expert in those services that i want to give my clients.

(iii) I have tried continuously day and night by sending offers to buyers request.

(iv) When I was not at my workspace, I was connected with my smartphone wherever I go.

(v) I kept myself online 24*7.

(vi) Finally I got a message from my first buyer on my smartphone While I was out of my workspace.

(vii) I gave him reply immediately and talking about his job. And finally I got an order from him.

(viii) After completing the first order successfully, I got several orders from him.

(ix) Next day I got a new order from a new buyer. I also completed that order.

(x) Finally I earned my level one badge. Now I am level 2 seller here.

I will suggest you that keep yourself online 24*7 and make yourself ready to reply immediately.

If you have any questions, Please comment it below. Mod Edit: Please post in Improve my Gig for more help.


I did’t know that level 1 badge is granted within a week.
Isn’t level 1 badge granted after 1 month of joining and 10 orders completed?:smirk:


I created account 21 days ago, completed 16 orders, yet didn’t get the badge. Waiting to fill 1 month. :joy::joy::joy:


That’s the point I was telling about . @finetone ,right?


Hi anjyling, You are right. I have created my profile about 2 month ago. I was active everyday and was waiting for orders. I completed more than 12 orders in a week when I got my firs order. Thanks. :slight_smile:


So you shouldn’t have to say you earned level 1 badge in 1 week ,instead you earned in about two months and 1 week. Long time,though.


Hmm you are right. :slight_smile:


Then edit your thread title.


Great job, @finetone.

BTW, you have a very nice gig page. I wish you the best for greater success.



Thanks for wishing. :slight_smile:


send me trick please i have create 8 month ago but i have only 8 order.Guide me please.


daily send buyer request but no order


You should post in Improve My Gig category.