Make Your Offfer a Very HOT CAKE with the PERFECT Ad Copy!


Do you want readers to rush like mad and bombard you with calls and mails over your offer? I guess you said YES! The answer lies in the quality of your Ad copy. Am going to do an intensive research and help you craft that CAPTIVATING Ad/Sales Copy that will have your buyers reeling over.

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There are a lot of sellers on Fiverr who are in need of an Ad Copy for their Fiverr gig sales page. Maybe you could create such a gig offering and offer Fiverr-specific bio/sales pitch writing services. That’s when the sellers will become buyers and instantly double your target audience.


Wow!!! That’s an eye opener…I never thought of that before. I will do that right away…Thanks


The writing style in your current gig copy sounds a lot like Emmaki. ‘Blow your readers out of [water | fire | space | somewhere]’ ‘sales going stratospheric’ ‘killer copy’. Yup, that’s Emmaki.

Did you have your own gig written by Emmaki?


No way! I wrote my gigs myself. Am a copywriter and so why should I hire another copywriter to write my gigs.

Besides I don’t even know who Emmaki is?

I just love expressing myself through words, strong, powerful words that can convince! Yea!!!