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Make yourself CLEAR! Increase your SALES!

I work in the real-world, global fashion and glamour industry, where art and design is the language. But when I buy services which help me sell and market to the English-speaking world, the first thing I look for is fluency in the English language.

Unfortunately so many of the fiverr gigs I see, whether by searching or in response to requests, contain very poor English spelling, grammar and punctuation. Now, I know that many of these sellers may be able to help me, but they don’t get the chance because they go to the bottom of the pile.

Do you want to increase your response rate?

Let me correct the English for your gig and allow you to climb the sales ladder quicker.

Check my gig booster at:

Have a great day :slight_smile:

Candi x

Someone just asked if I could review a paper in Arabic.



Candi x