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Making 1000$ plus a month is possible if you got what it takes!


So it is like 4 months since I joined Fiverr. I have completed 150+ orders and have earned Avg of about 1000$ a month.

And let me tell you I do not work full time on Fiverr I have my studies and clinical so I spend about 2-3 hours avg on Fiverr per day. Yet I am earning more than I need.

It is simple really this is what I have to tell you:

  1. You need to work hard and give your maximum effort when you first started out and keep trying to get more sales. When you get ratings and good reviews more sales will start to flow. Till then you might have to drop your price, bargain and even work a little extra.

  2. Do not accept what you cannot do. A lot of newbies try to accept everything to get some sales but that will end up with a bad delivery and cancellation or bad reviews.

  3. Reviews are really important to get more sales and level up. So make sure that your delivery is up to the standard to receive a good feedback. Be willing to make the necessary revisions in the given gig limit.

  4. Have more gigs. For example, if you do online tutoring that is a wide topic break it down to few specific gigs maybe the subjects that will help you reach the correct buyers and expand your sales.

  5. Last but not least you need a strong will. You must be able to keep on going. Every buyer has good days and bad days. You should be able to give the maximum and work with the same feeling on your good days and bad.

And on a final note enjoy what you do… Fiverr is a great market if you got what it takes you will be rich in no time. So once again enjoy working here that way there will a little something special added to your final delivery that will make your delivery special from other sellers.

Good Luck


Thank you very much , this is my first month and continue , although I have not received orders. Greetings.

Thanks for the tips,
But it’s not easy , because on fiverr not everyone is a professional content writer , illustrator, sound artist and video maker.

It just matter of time or luck and If you’r gig is unique,you can turn your buyers into repeat buyers.
which helps you crossed even 1000$.

I appreciate your tips! Thank you very much! I liked it!

Excellent Tips. I think it will be very helpful for me.

Thank you Nichole. I am encouraged. Thanks once again.

Great tips and very informative too.

Thanks for the tips!!

Hang in there. keep sending out order requests

Agreed! But it matters on the quality of your delivery. Then your buyers will become repeat buyers. I hardly have to search for jobs now because my buyer database is enough to do part time work here. However lot of people without qualifications spam the gigs so you have to keep good records and have a profile that stands out.

Thank You great advice

Great tips

Thank You


Thanks for sharing good tips, they are really helpful for sure. Please tell me whether we should keep our own image on the gig portfolio or we shall use custom made images?


Congratulations, maybe you can talk about optimization gigs

Your are welcome

Hello, it is up to you. My gigs have a general picture that is attractive and shows the basic concept behind my gig. I also got some paid video intros done which is animated that demonstrate my gigs. I saw that adding a video increased my gig impressions than certain images. But actually a video or image of you demonstrating your gig will have a better effect. Try it out and see. Good luck

Excellent Tips. please check my profile you have any tips for us?

I went through your profile many months ago after reading on of your posts. And seeing your recent post you are way ahead of me mate. Good Luck

Great tips thank you! But I think it’s a matter of luck all the way specially at the beginnings.