Making $5 worth more



Im a voiceover on here and so far ive done really well, I offer 150 words per gig delivered within 24 hours.

I am now so busy that I cant think straight sometimes (over 1500 jobs done so far) and I want to drop the amount of words I deliver for the basic $5 but I dont want the orders to suddenly dry up, I dont mind getting less work as long as I get the same money as I am on at the moment.

I was wondering how to go about this cross over period.

What would you suggest? have you done it? if so how did it go?




I am an animator and I buy tons of voice over for my characters. Off the top of my head I think I’ve used at least 13 different VO artists here on Fiverr and at least four were males from the UK.

As a Buyer I love 150 words for $5 but as a Seller I think you are selling yourself short. I thought your demo sounded great and will be looking for one of my new characters that I can use your voice for.

Most of VO artists I work with give 50 words for $5 and I know as a professional that even that is about the greatest deal I’ll ever get for quality work. Chris Hardy does 50 words and he is as good as I’ve found anywhere at any price!!!

I needed a Jon Snow character from Game Of Thrones done for my new demo reel and I hired 2 different UK based VO artists to do the work. Both were great but one guy just nailed it. Those two were 30 words and 25 words for $5 respectively. If I needed that character again I would have no problem paying $5 for that word count.

Last month I was recently picked by Fiverr to test the new “Beyond $5 Beta Program.” This allowed me to increase my minimum price from $5 up to $100. I am now making more than ever and am no longer getting the hassle of Buyers wanting too much for $5.

After working 30 years in Hollywood I know what my time is worth in dollars and cents and have no problem letting people know that. I have fewer customers but most are the high quality ones who respect my worth.

Stepping off soapbox…

Cheers mate,



HI Roy,

Thank you so much for your comments.



Please let me know if you do any particular funny characters… celebs, actors, politicians or character types like pirate, dandy, aristocrat or dialects like Cockney, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Traveller. Anything at all you think could be funny that I on this side of the pond may have never even heard of.

I’d love to hear demos of anything you have already recorded.

Just message me if you want to keep this off the Forums.




Hi Mike, I am a VO artist as well and managed to reduce my rates from where you are now, to 25 words per gig, with (currently) 8 days delivery. I did it very slowly, 25 words per jump and left it there for a while. I guess what made it a little easier, is each time I dropped it, was when I was flooded with work, so I did it to almost purposely make the work dry up a bit so I could get through my orders and catch up. Then after a week or two, my orders would be at a level I could handle, until it would build up again and then I would drop the wordcount again. I certainly lost some clients and now do a lower number of actual jobs, but overall $$ is the same and I feel less like I am slaving for nothing and sometimes feeling crazy stressed. I probably have more good repeat clients, who are happy with me and my work now, than before and they regularly place good big orders. I think you have plenty of great ratings to back up your lower wordcount per gig, so I think even if you get a short dip, it won’t last long and you’ll be fine. Good luck with it! :slight_smile:


Reply to @sue_mcl:

Sue, I’m very impressed with your VO too.

I’ve had your Gig on my Favorites list for awhile but just have not found exactly what character I have that would work with your voice. One of my biggest clients in OzKleen in Australia. I am hoping they might let me do a female character for them in the future.

I’d love to buy a Gig. Do you have any funny character voices you’ve been wanting to do? PM me if you don’t want this in the Forums.