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Making a new client a permanent one..!


Greetings Everyone!!!
I have seen many posts on Forum and other platform saying “How to make a new client a regular one” ?
So, here I am, sharing my personal experience. You can add to it or disagree if you like as I am no expert.
Whenever a client approached me through inbox or directly places the order, I always send him a greetings message first like “Thank you for approaching me” or “Thank you for selecting me for your project”
Then if he has provided me with the requirements or instructions, I go through those instructions and tell him that I have read your instructions and I understand them completely or tell him that there is something missing. This way I engage him/her in a discussion with me and it helps me in two ways:

  1. It makes them comfortable that the person that they are talking to is capable of doing the work and he is an expert.
  2. Plus I clear all things before starting to work on it as it saves time and avoids any future dispute.
    While working on their project, brief them about your progress as it gives them a sigh of satisfaction.
    When delivering the order, make them comfortable by saying that this is just a first draft as per instructions but if you don’t like it then don’t worry at all. I will make it work by trying again until your satisfaction. It definitely makes the process smooth.
    Once the project is finished, be the first one to send him/her a message and thank them for their visit and tell them about the other services you offer like once the logo is done, I tell them about my Wordpress, business cards and other services. Some of them don’t actually know what services do you offer and some are new to 5r.
    However, never let the market down by offering more for free or reduce your prices unless it is a specific case.
    I hope it helps. Happy Fiverring!!!


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Nice tips. Thanks you.


Oh sorry. I am new to this forum. I wanted to post it in Seller tips category. Can you tell me how to delete the previous one ? Please. Thanks.


If you just put “Please delete this topic” in the heading (use the little edit pen) a moderator should see it.


Okay. Thanks a bunch.


Great tips. I use the rule of thump to under promise and over deliver and keep communications open. I am new here but that has worked for me on Upwork. Hopefully that rule of thumb will ork here as well :slight_smile:


Yep. It works. But be specific about that ove deliver thing. I also over deliver but don’t offer such items for which you charge separately. Like I never offer vector file for free or any source file.


I think it should be “How to turn a Customer into a Client.” Customer is someone who orders once, and client is someone who is dealing with you on a regular basis, I believe.


Awesome suggestion
best of luck


Thank you so much for your tips


I’m new here but from other experiences communication is key with clients we want to be permanent, you know clear accounts preserve friendships… Good post.


Thanks for valuable tips…


Nice addition indeed. Thank you for this.


Yes, indeed. Communication is the key.
Smooth communication and top notch work, both will rock your business.


Awesome! Yeah that way you attract more clients


great topic .:. :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing valuable tropic


Thanks .it is very helpful post for us.


Thanks for the tips!
Agree with you, communication is for sure one of the most important key to succeed!