Making a new discovery


i am very sure , that there will be many.

here who will get a great laugh after reading this

i was referred here and i have used this 3 times so far , have had good results as well, but from finding this forum , i have discovered i dont have a clue what fiverr really is and how it works .but at this time i am excited to learn what i have found . you folks have to keep in mind please i am old school, and probably know just enough about the internet to make a mess of things .if there is a reply to this, lol, hope i find that too. are there a tutorial pg ,or a how to, introduction to what fiverr is all about


It’s quite simple really. You buy a service just like any other shopping site.

Or, YOU offer a service (like creating logos etc.) This is called a ‘gig’.

If someone orders it then you get paid $5. Actually you only get $4 because Fiverr takes the rest. Describe what you do in your Fiverr account and sit back and wait. When you deliver the ‘gig’ you get paid as long as the buyer is satisfied. Don’t give up your day job though!


All what jeanniekh said is all true, I would do something that you are good at but something that doesn’t take no more than 30min to 1 hour anything over that is not worth pursuing.


was beginning to think nobody would reply to the post . at this time i was not interested in offering a service but buying which i have done so 3 times . so far so good ,


Hi :smiley: This is a helpful link since you wish to buy and not sell at the moment.