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Making a page for Request Gigs, not just a column


I look for buyers who would want my product, unfortunately the limited request gigs make it hard to find a multitude of them. I think Fiverr should have all of the Request Gigs on a page where you can see each and every one.


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I agree 500%!



I agree. Its almost pointless. I have like 4 or 5 requests and still no responses.


Perhaps adding a board on the forum for buyers to request gigs and be able to interact with multiple parties much easier might be an additional viable option as well. Keep in mind that if you jump to some different categories, there are additional gig requests you can look at it. It may appear to be limited, but it’s a little more vast than you would think. Still, it is a bit limited. Something additional would be nice, :slight_smile:


SOMETHING different would be nice!!


Agreee 1000000%. This way it could really help newbie to get started


Agreed. That was the first “fault” I found when I joined.