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Making a Payment into my Fiverr Account?

Hey, I’d like to make a $10 payment (via PayPal?) into my Fiverr Account so that I can get the buy $10 get $5 free. So how do I make a payment such that then I can pay from my Fiverr Account? I don’t want to have to do PayPal every gig that I buy. Thanks!

Dont think its possible to add funds to your account straight on. You can link the paypal to your fiverr account, and than it will allo go automaticly.

"to my knowledge"

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You can simply order gigs from your fiverr account and just do the payment using your PayPal. I don’t think you need to link them to do this. But the ‘buy $10 get $5 free’ is for your referrals, right?

yeah, when they spend 10$ you get 5$

Unfortunately it’s not possible to add funds to Fiverr account; it’s been asked several times, but I think this is not in the Fiverr priority list…

Yes there is also a very good reason for that.

Lets say you got hacked… some one can just wire 500$ to his fiverr account…

quiete a difference if that person needs to order for 500$ gigs. so dont think this will ever happen on fiverr