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Making a stunning WPAP (Wedha's Pop Art Portrait) Style of your photos

Hi, my name is Adam. I’m a Professional WPAP digital artist from Indonesia. I was experienced in this style more than 2 years. Many clients from several countries give a positive respond of my artwork. From several clients i met, some of them haven’t know yet what is WPAP? So, from now on i will describe more about WPAP. Let’s check it out!

WPAP is an abbreviation and stands for ‘Wedha’s Pop Art Portrait’. WPAP is an art genre developed by Wedha Abdul Rashid, a contemporary Indonesian artist. This art originally from my country, Indonesia. Wedha Abdul Rashid has worked as an illustrator for the press industry since the 1970s, developing portraits of important figures from all backgrounds: politicians, musicians, artists, and fictional characters.

In the early 90’s, Wedha started to illustrate faces formed by single lines and strong colors, inspired by the cubist style. He then proceeded to draw these faces according to true dimensions, using a mosaic of colors. In the U.S., Andy Warhol might be the most famous pop artist. And Wedha Abdul Rashid proved that other parts of the world can also dive into similar styles.

WPAP Art is made using straight lines and sharp, vibrant, contrasting fills. It has a special character to portray an object, where we will find an full coloured - square shape and doesn’t have any curves & outline on its object without disappearing it’s original picture. The inspiring WPAP art illustrations will surely mesmerize you and stir your imagination.

This art is well known around the world. Many people look for this artwork for a gift, decoration, memorable moment, profile picture, and etc.

So, if you interested for this artwork, please contact me. Thank you :slight_smile:

Best regard,
Adam Khabibi