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Making a video for my profile


I recorded a 1 minute commercial voice over demo that I’d like to use as the background for a video to use in my Fiverr profile. Does anyone have any recommendations or offers as to a producer here?


Have you decided what the graphics will be for the video?


No, I haven’t decided on graphics. I’ve used pictures of me in my studio to
create a slide show to go along with it, but I’m not satisfied with the


You could probably just highlight the message with the graphics and the text. I believe your number one priority is to show your personality. Through what you say, Let people know you are a real person. Let them know you communicate well and you’re a passionate about helping them make a great product. Consider which part of the graphics will be your thumbnail so you have that taken care of before you make the video. Thumbnails are important. They convert impressions to clicks.


Thank you for the advice, I appreciate hearing from people who have the
experience that I lack. Although, I seriously lack knowledge and need to
learn more about ‘thumbnails’.


Since I already have the 64second audio that I would like to use for the
video, what are my options? You can listen to it from my profile-it’s the
main commercial demo that’s on display.


Have you considered hiring someone to create a logo to represent your voice skills? Well-designed logos can be very powerful, as they create an illustrated image that represents you, and you alone. Photos of you are great, don’t stop using them, but consider other visual elements too, that might help people remember you. People are visual. Give them plenty of photos, brand images, and graphics to look at. :wink:


I have some suggestion
Although i am not an video expert. But i found it easy to create gig video.
you can use videoscribe to create whiteboard animation video.

I tried it. Its easy. You can mention your
Service list
and How you will provide these to your client.

As you know people are interested to watch video rather reading your long narrative description.


yep :slightly_smiling_face: in fact I’m tring to set up a purchase with an artist now for the video. I’ll be looking for a logo artist-do have any suggestions/references?


Sure. I would be happy to recommend someone… :wink:


oh, geez :joy: Yeah, I suppose you would know of somebody, wouldn’t you? I
took a quick look at your page and gig package deals for a brand. I just(2
months ago) officially became registered as a voice over business. The
business name, right now, is just my full name-but I know that I need a
brand. I’m new at marketing and advertising, so bear with me when I ask for
a clearer explanation of what you can offer someone like me.


I’ve been acting since I was 8 years old. I’m in my late 30s now. Over the years, I’ve been on stage in front of thousands of people, in Hollywood movies in front of millions of people, I currently have a role in a popular online audio series, and I have an educational background in commercial acting as well… so, I have just a bit of experience on the road you are just starting to travel. But, the good news is, we all have to start somewhere, and, though you may only be two months into your professional voice acting career… Fiverr could be a good place to add to your experience.

I won’t judge if you have questions or need input. I’ve been where you are. I am always happy to help another actor. :slight_smile:


sure i can help you if you need video


JD, can you please send your profile link here? So, i can have a look.


jazbatodo, my profile link is:

I’m definitely interested in your response!