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Making a Website For Myself

Hello. I am a graphic designer with 3 years of exprience. I have made many design and been thinking about making a website for myself. I will put 4 sections: portfolio,order now,about me and contact me.Order now will be connected to my fiverr gig, and about me will be connected to my fiverr profile. I’ve also been thinking about putting my email adress to contact me section. After I make this website, can I put It on my fiverr profile? If thats against the rules, am I still allowed to make a website If I don’t ever share it on fiverr?(but I will share it on social media)
Thank you

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You cannot share personal or business websites on Fiverr. There is a list of approved portfolio sites/platforms in the TOS. You can do whatever you want with your website off Fiverr, though.