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Making Changes, Your GIG Experience


If my main Gig is on the first page, but maybe I need to do a price update, and delivery time, how does this affect ranking?

Someone has had a similar situation and what has been the effect.

I’m a little afraid to go back to the last pages, making a change.

What are your thougs or experience ?

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Everyone’s gigs eventually return to the last pages as Fiverr wants to give everyone a chance to be in the search pages’ earlier pages.

I have found if you only change little things such as you mention, then it does not seem to affect your gig placement.


i think this its some relative to deliver time / and the value of the gig/ maybe? we never know how the algorithm works

so if i change for example , delivery time, and just costs , and do not more changes like, tittle or hastagas. still the same ?

True, however, CS told another user this: :point_down:t2: Even TRS’s gigs are pushed back!

That has been my experience.

still afraid, but i prefer keep for the moment, my gig its coming back from non apper on the search list. to returns to old days when was a good one.

maybe its time to stay, right?

Keep in mind where you see your gig is not where others see it. Plus every time someone searches for a gig its placement changes. I just looked for yours under banner designs for relevance and it was not on the first 4 pages.

if you go for example “website banners” search there you will see. and its working now after maybe 1 year or so of slow down sales, ( i was TRS and have a lot of sell on the early days here on fiverr) now maybe returning.

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Yep it is there when I search that way. But it does move. I and a group of Forum friends searched for our gigs using the same criteria and we discovered that as we each found our friend’s gigs in different places.

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Nice to hear that experiment. well i think its prefer to keep at the moment the way i have the gigs.

Maybe 1 month or 2 for the changes, letss see what happends

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