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Making Delivery After 1 Mint Order Starting

Hi guys

can we make very quick deliveries
I mean if the order is started just from a mint (1 mint is passed ) then can i deliver
order buyer will accept i know but i don’t know that fiverr will make issue or not
anyone have any experience about it


Nope, it wont cause any issue…even if you deliver it in 1 min.
Good luck

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No issues there buddy. Quicker the delivery the better for your ranking. :smiley:

Many Thanks brother for your golden replay

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Thanks brother for your replay

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I think there is no issue

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No issue, instead it will help you a lot in ranking.

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I’m confused… I looked at the services you offer. Which of those services do you think you can complete and deliver in only one minute?


It’s not just about Fiverr taking issue. It’s about credibility. What do you think buyers will think?
Are they going to see the value in the purchase and be confident you aren’t stealing or scamming if you do this?


Sorry, but I took a look at your gigs and I’m confused as to how you’re delivering your service that fast. I’m sure you already know but delivering incomplete, empty, or partial deliveries is not a good idea.


maybe he do the task for free first, after the buyer see the result, then he start ordering.

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That’s not allowed on Fiverr. You pay and get it or you don’t pay and don’t get it.


no, it’s your own freedom to provide free work for buyer. I do fix their small problem for free, and if they like it, they will order it from me.
I use this, and get a couple of return buyer, as I’m able to provide them with decent free work. Even if they dont buy, I’ll just add to my portfolio or sell it on other stock platform :slight_smile:

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No, that’s not how this works. If someone wants to work with you, they will pay for your services. It they’re not willing to pay, don’t work for them. If you give your work away for free, you open the door for bad buyers to take advantage of you.


Yes, I do agree.
But in my case, I able to secure a 99% of my buyers, because I show them the final outcome and they are very satisfy.
From a buyer perspective, they feel much safer when see their work nicely done before they even order the gig. And some even give me tips as I’m able to provide this type of free service first

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Like I said… bad idea. You’re giving your work away for free.

I’m also a bit confused. You don’t appear to have an active seller profile, so it seems a bit odd that you are offering seller “advice” here on the forum.


Not free, I share the screenshot of the progress of their 3D model, I didn’t send them the source

haha, that’s simple, because I dislike ppl seeing my gig on this forum.You do know that you don’t need to be a seller or buyer to have a forum account?

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That is irrelevant. I can easily type anyone’s username into the Fiverr profile page url, and their profile shows up. Nothing shows up when I do this for you.

I see. So, you weren’t being truthful… and you really don’t have an account on Fiverr? If you’re not a seller on Fiverr, you aren’t someone who should be giving seller advice – especially since your “advice” is terrible advice, and should never be followed by sellers here on Fiverr.

NEVER give your work away for free. Sellers should not be giving their work away as “samples”, because that encourages bad buyers to take advantage of you. This is not good advice to be giving to other new sellers here on the forum.


I have a seller account, which I dont need to proof myself :slight_smile:
I have two accounts, 1 seller account and 1 FORUM account( not buyer/seller account)

I do agree, and will advice the other sellers to NOT follow my advice. My case is different, and it’s my own freedom to serve the 3D software community back for free :slight_smile:

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I’ve got to agree with Jonbaas here, doing work for free, or even doing before an order is made is a recipe for disaster. Even if you only send a screenshot, you’ve already put time and effort into the project and if the buyer doesn’t order the gig, you’ve just wasted all that time.

Of course, you can do this if you want, but I really don’t see any benefit to doing so